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February 7, 2023

10 Insider Tips To Improve Your Product Design Thinking [Free Prompts]

10 Insider Tips To Improve Your Product Design Thinking [Free Prompts]

ChatGPT Is Shaking Up The Industry

AI-assisted design is poised to change design forever But most people are stuck on beginner-level. ChatGPT got to 100 Million users in only 60 days. Let’s put that number into context:

  • Netflix: 10 Years
  • Gmail: 5 Years
  • Twitter: 5 Years
  • Instagram: 2.5 Years
  • TikTok: 9 Months
  • ChatGPT: 60 Days

This virality speaks to the incredible usefulness of the tool. As a designer, product manager you must learn to leverage this tool to tap into the endless possibilities of AI-assisted design & products.


1. Improving Your Design Process

ChatGPT can assist in improving design processes by providing quick and relevant information for designers to make informed decisions, generate ideas and concept sketches, simulate user interactions and behavior, and analyze user feedback. Additionally, ChatGPT can also be used for natural language processing tasks like generating design reports and documentations, and even translating design language to other language.

Use these prompts

  • What sort of design method works best for testing new ideas?
  • What are some ways to design for mobile?
  • What kinds of UX methods will help me uncover user needs?

2. Generate Design Specs

Specs outlines key design information that designers use to handoff. ChatGPT can write pretty good specs and save you tons of time as a start.

Use these prompts

  • Write a design spec for [idea].
  • Specify what I need on [brief].
  • Create a design brief for [context].
  • Write a specifciation for [context] that engineers can use.

3. Your Personal Advisor

We all need to bounce ideas, ChatGPT can do that with you brilliantly. To help you uncover blindspots or biasness. ChatGPT is very good at providing feedback or expertise while acting as various characters. The only limit is your imagination. You could have it act as a Design Advisor, Tech CEO, engineer, statistician, or even a user persona.

Use these prompts

  • I can’t focus on my design work. Help me overcome this challenge in the style of a motivational design coach.
  • What are potential blindspots for [idea]?
  • What biases could there be for [brief]?

4. Get Good Feedback

ChatGPT can be great at giving feedback on merits and risks of ideas. Try giving it a try if you are currently evaluating ideas.

Use these prompts

  • List me the pros and cons of X concept.
  • What are potential pitfalls of [brief].
  • How can I iterate on [context].
  • What are the positive and negative impacts of [context]?

5. Understand New Concepts

Feeling like a fish out of water during your session with a mentor? Don't let design jargon make you feel like a novice. ChatGPT can quickly get up to speed on any concept.

Use these prompts

  • Explain design systems.
  • Common design issues in sign ups.
  • List design and research methods that will help with [challenge].

6. Design illustrations, icons, and more

ChatGPT is limited to text for now. But if you combine it with Open AI's DALL-E. You can take the prompt and generate it there.

Use these prompts

  • Design a wireframe on mentorship app.
  • Design a cupcake logo.
  • Code me a UX portfolio website.

7. Interview Preparation

Job seekers can benefit from using ChatGPT. To brainstorm interview questions, or get feedback on your answers.

Use these prompts

  • What are the most asked design interview question that [company name] asks?
  • How can I answer XYZ on?
  • How to explain my design process to the interviewer?
  • Act like a recruiter at a tech company. How should I negotiate my salary?

8. Write Copy For Designs

ChatGPT can ensure you have real text with your first design iterations. Use ChatGPT for brainstorming and ideating for your first drafts. It can be the perfect text companion for your designs. Whether it’s product copy, button names, headers, or more, ChatGPT can generate several options for you to pick from to put in your designs.

Use these prompts

  • Create prompts for an AI image generator for [context].
  • Write survey questions about [context] for a [user].
  • Write user tasks for a usability test on a [project].
  • Write an introduction email for a user interview.

9. Analyzing design insights

ChatGPT can look for keywords and do sentiment analysis in long text blocks. Speeding up your search for insights.Prompts ie:

- What are popular keywords in UX job postings?

- Do sentiment analysis on these interview notes: [paste results here]

10.Summarize design reports

People want to read summaries but it takes too much time to do it. ChatGPT takes this to the next level for you.

Use these Prompts:

• Summarize these user interview notes: [paste it here]

• Write a summary of this research report: [paste it here]