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June 2, 2022

12 Top Product Design Blogs in 2022

12 Top Product Design Blogs in 2022

12 Top Product Design Blogs in 2022

As a product designer, you need inspiration to create meaningful products and keep up to date with the latest design trends. There are a variety of ways to get inspiration such as documentaries, podcasts, and product design blogs!

In this blog, we will list the 15 top product design blogs to assist you in creating the next best product that users LOVE.

Please note that we are focusing mainly on the tech product design blogs section. Feel free to explore other categories available on each website- do not limit your exploration for your product design ideas! 

1: Yanko Design

Yanko Design

Yako Design is an online magazine showcasing the best in international product design. You could also find Tech blog, Automotive blog, Architecture blog and Sustainable blog.

2: Core 77

Core 77

Founded in 1995, Core77 has provided a gathering place for both designers and enthusiasts by producing design competitions, lecture series, parties, and exhibitions.

3: UX Booth

UX Booth

UX Booth is a publication catered to and by the user experience community. Their audience is largely beginning to intermediate user experience and interaction designers.

4: Design Systems

Design Systems

Design Systems is a Figma publication for design systems creators, designers, developers, and managers. You can find many helpful articles that could assist your design process.

5: Behance


You can find many inspirations from different creative industries such as Branding, Graphic Design, Illustrations, and Web Design. You can filter your search based on tools, color, and location. 

6: Inhabitat


Inhabitat believes in the power of smart design to solve the world’s most crucial problems. The website content focused on significant developments in environmental policy, technology, and design projects that aimed to balance environmental and aesthetic considerations.

7: Solid Smack

Solid Smack

You can find other blogs in categories such as Cool Tools which promote tools that could support your lifestyle. Skillcoach which provides tips and tutorials that could assist in your design process, and Interviews which covers various topics featuring experts from around the world. 


The website also provides you with the latest tools to assist you in your user research collaboration, building, accessible user interfaces, virtual reality tools, and conversational design tools. 

9: Design Taxi

Design Taxi

Design Taxi has got you covered on the latest product design inventions on UX/UI and more. If you want some packaging design inspiration, check out the packaging design section is flooded with fresh ideas. You might want to visit the Redesign section to learn how big brands redesign their brands and find out about the impact of the redesigning. 

10: Pinterest


Pinterest is always the hub for inspiration including product design. Above is a screenshot of UX/UI product design. There are many profiles with similar interests in product design that you could follow too!

11: Invision


You are spoiled with tech product design articles on Invision. Get to know how to create a clean look for mobile, create different types of applications, and get inspired with a variety of mockups designs! 

12: ADPList


Get inspired with articles written by the ADPList community on product management. Read their stories and you can even book free mentoring sessions if you have more questions on product design!