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September 9, 2021

5 Tips to create a good graphic designer resume

5 Tips to create a good graphic designer resume

It is time to showcase yourself on a resume! Writing a resume could be a stressful task when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is required for you to get hired, and at the same time, you keep doubting your capabilities. Keep calm and maybe, comb your hair a little bit.

“Should I create a beautiful masterpiece and pour my heart and soul into it?”. You can-moderately. The purpose of a resume is for your potential employer to get to know you briefly before setting up an interview. You are creative, however, inserting too much 'art and soul' in a resume may look like you are vandalizing the resume. The resume must not only look pleasing to the eyes, but the content of the resume too should also be easy to understand.

Keep calm and maybe, comb your hair a little bit.

These five tips could help you to create a graphic designer resume. Let’s get started!

Create Readable Design

Yes, we know you are a graphic designer. Full of ideas, full of passions. Create a design that both you and your potential employer are able to ‘follow through’ the information on the resume. A resume that is difficult to read or scan through by the potential employer may lead to a misreading, a misunderstanding, and unfortunately, can easily be dismissed. There could be hundreds of resumes to be viewed per day- make your resume pleasantly readable.

Choose the right colors

There is a saying, “We eat with our eyes.” Perhaps when it comes to resumes, some employers might say, “We also hire with our eyes.” The colors of your design and fonts in your resume play an important role to ‘greet’ the potential employer. We do not want to make a first resume impression with “Oh, my eyes!”

Choose colors that give a purpose to your resume content. Think of the rationale behind each color. Make your colors functional.

Highlight key graphic design skills

Write a clear and detailed skills section (e.g. Adobe, Figma, Media Production, and UI or UX design). This is where you flaunt (humbly) the software and tools you have used before. Your experiences using certain tools and software could determine the current skills that you have that are needed by the company.

Do not feel discouraged if you feel like you are not competent for having a lack of skills. Be honest about your capabilities and please do not lie about your skills, you are digging your own grave, affecting your work quality, and might lose your employer’s trust.

Provide both hard and soft skills in your resume as these skills are equally important to get hired.

State the skills that match the job description

Whoops, hold it right there! That’s an impressive list of skills you have there but does it tick the boxes on the job description. The job description provided by the employer is great guidance for you to highlight the skills that the company is looking for.

It would be a waste if you miss out on the important skills that match the job description. If there is more space in the resume, you may add other skills that are worth highlighting. It is best to choose quality over quantity!

Don’t forget the portfolio section!

Provide a section in your resume or a link to your portfolio for the employers to view your work samples. This is the section where you provide the truth (nothing but the truth) after providing all the awesome details about yourself earlier.

Watch this video on How to make your graphic designer resume stand out.

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All the best, you are a step closer to your dream job!