May 17, 2022

8 Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2022

8 Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2022

8 Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2022

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Email marketing is a marketing strategy that connects you with your audience or users. There are no strict rules on how your email  should look like. It all depends on the message you want to share each week or month and how you insert your brand’s identity and voice into it 

Email marketing helps you inform your audience about your past, present, and future activities. It helps  your audience know that it is BAU- business as usual!

Get to know the 8 best practices for email marketing in 2022 : 

  1. Start with a compelling title

Study your audience. Get to know what topic excites them. Insert emotion in your title to increase the chance for them to open your newsletter. For example, ‘How these 5 Game Changer Habits Can Attract Your Dream Career In Tech?’ and ‘How do the biggest Twitter personal brands get their first 1,000 followers?

  1. Send a welcome email

Provide brief information on who you are at the company, and the company’s vision and mission. Use a friendly tone for the audience to feel closer to you and your brand. 

Make them feel important and you value them as their users in the company. Let them know the things they should look forward to in the coming newsletters.

  1. Remove the No Reply option

The No Reply option could distance your audience from your company. By removing this option, it allows  your audience to reply and give feedback that could improve the content of your newsletter.

Your audience could even notify you if there is an error in the newsletter such as typos, misinformation, or a broken link. Let them feel heard and let them feel that their voices matter to the company.

  1. Allow recipients to subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter

Simplify the process for your potential audience and current audience to subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter. Make it easy for your audience to find the button to subscribe and unsubscribe. 

You may feel worried that by inserting the unsubscribe option may affect your newsletter performance. However, if you do not provide this option, you may receive emails from frustrated readers to unsubscribe them from your newsletter.

You don’t want that.

  1. Add value for them to take home
Credit: Freepik

One of the best practices for email marketing is providing value content in your email marketing which your reader could apply to their life. 

For example, weekly learnings, motivational quotes, educational events, or sharing blogs and videos. Make the readers feel that your newsletter is worth reading.

  1. Get the right timing

 Research on the best time to send out your newsletter. Test different timings and see which timing works best for your audience. 

  1. Send a test email and get feedback

Don’t skip this step. Always send a test email to yourself or team members. This is the time for you to test the links in your email to ensure it lands on the right  page, to see whether the images look good on your end as a reader, and to check whether the content flow makes sense to the readers.

Share with your team members whether there are areas that need to be improved before sending to your audience. 

  1. Experiment with different layout

Proactively, experiment with different newsletter layout. The same layout and content might bore your audience. Find different ways to engage your readers. 

For example, experiment with different types of content, change the newsletter header, or design a different newsletter layout. So that, you will have something fresh or new to offer to your audience.

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