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January 11, 2022

How Being Involved In The ADPList Community Makes You A Better Mentor

How Being Involved In The ADPList Community Makes You A Better Mentor

Are you in ADPList Mentor Club Slack? (for mentors only)

If not, you should. If you do, you’re like me and thousands of others!

The ADPList community is an amazing place that provides useful, supportive and actionable tips for all mentors. It’s where people share a laugh, vent their frustrations, and debate. It’s also a great place to help grow your professional network.

Smart mentors have learned the value of joining the community, contributing to the conversations, and staying connected.

This article explores 7 ways that the community can be leveraged to make you a better mentor and develop yourself.

  1. Network With Mentors In Your Community
  2. Learn Actionable Tips & Tricks
  3. Stay Up To Date With The Industry
  4. Gain A Larger Voice To Enact Change
  5. Find Partnerships And Co-Mentor Opportunities
  6. Build Up Your Credibility As A Mentor

1. Network With Mentors In Your Community

The community is a valuable network of mentors from around the world. Depending on your goals you can develop an international network of mentors or a small group from your home community.

As an example, mentors started a slack channel group for “Parent-Mentors” The space is dedicated to developing a community of ADPList Mentors with who are also parents. Through this group they've connected with fantastic mentors, and even give each other useful advice!

I found a lack of an ADPList community within my region, so I built one! Now we have a vibrant community of local mentors to share ideas and provide relevant information. If you notice your city or state is lacking an established community I suggest creating one.

Building a network provides a mentors of benefits such as gaining new ideas, new opportunities, building credibility, and allowing you to find answers.

2. Learn Actionable Tips & Tricks

The ADPList community is a great way to gain fantastic tips.

Are you wanting to grow as a mentor in the best way? Learn how to create an amazing group session? Get advice on where to build the best resource bank? Determine a methodology for your sessions?

You’ll find answers to almost any question within the exclusive network of resources available to mentors.

Chances are if you have a question hundreds of other mentors have had the same question. The answers are most likely readily available within the community. If you can’t find the answer to your question, just ask. I guarantee you’ll find someone that will be happy to help.

Supporting fellow mentors is really what the ADPList community is about.

3. Stay Up To Date With The Industry

An informed mentor is a good mentor. With the tech industry evolving rapidly it’s more important than ever to stay informed. The community is a great source of updates on everything mentorship in tech. If there are changes to the platforms, changes in industry, changes in customer behaviour, you bet it’ll be discussed in detail within the community.

5. Gain A Larger Voice To Enact Change

One mentor alone has little power but hundreds of thousands can make real world changes.

The community has a strong voice that can bend the direction of companies and the world. For example mentors frequently band together to share ideas and show up for in-person meet ups that help amplify their ideas.

If you want a new feature on ADPList, coordinate with the ADPList community to request the change. ADPList will take notice when more mentors request the change rather than just one.

6. Find Partnership and Co-Mentoring Opportunities

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio and build up credibility, you can sometimes find those opportunities within the community.

Although this is an opportunity I wouldn’t make this your only reason to be involved. You get out what you put in. You can co-host group sessions with fellow mentors for the community. Instead join the conversations, educate yourself, provide feedback, and be an active member of the community.

Being an active member builds credibility which can be leveraged into greater opportunities.

7. Build Up Your Credibility As A Mentor

Opportunities come more easily to those with credibility. A great way to build that credibility is by becoming a reliable resource of great information and advice.

Those in the community that provide support with no expectation of reward are often the ones that get rewarded with new opportunities.

Provide your help whenever possible and people will take notice. Once you do this your network will grow and be strengthened.


ADPList truly has an amazing community. It’s incredibly supportive to new members and new mentors. If you’re a new mentor or have been a mentor for years I recommend joining the ADPList community. Joining will inform you about the thousands of resources available to ADPList mentors.

There are so many ways the community can be leveraged to make you a better mentor and grow your career.

If you’re looking for new friends, tips, information, recommendations, support, opportunities, or expertise, you’ll find it within the vibrant community of ADPList.