March 2, 2022

Awesome Tips About Building Personal Branding on Twitter

Awesome Tips About Building Personal Branding on Twitter

Awesome Tips About Building Personal Branding on Twitter

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What is personal branding? 

The definition of personal branding

Personal branding is no longer something new to most of us. Whether you are a designer, a writer, a videographer, or an influencer, personal branding could boost your brand identity and showcase your works to a wider audience. Digital technology makes it effortlessly easy to strategize the kind of personal branding that you want.

In this blog, our mentor- Sakshi Shuka, a Freelance Copywriter & Content Marketer based in India will share effective tips on how to create your personal brand on Twitter. To this date, Sakshi Twitter’s account followers have reached 17.6k followers.

Why personal branding is important? 
The Importance of Personal Branding

  • Personal branding is a way of putting your thoughts out there, where do you aim to go?
  • It gives your own meaning and flavor to your brand identity.
  • Your personal branding goals define your roadmap, without goals you will not have a clear roadmap.
  • You need to tweet with goals to have clear roadmaps.

Creating a personal brand on Twitter
How to create a personal brand on Twitter?

Write down 1 goal under each category. Below are some examples shared by Sakshi:

  1. Short-term goals (3 to 6 months):
    I want to start earning via Twitter.
    I want to find a mentor.
    I want to hire amazing people.

  2. Mid-term goals (8 to 12 months):
    I want to start a podcast.
    I want to be invited to events.
    I want to sell my course.

  3. Long-term goals (3 to 5 years):
    I want to build a passive-income stream that allows me to earn while sleeping.
    I want my community to fuel my business growth.

Setting your personal branding goals

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Action 1: Creation

  • Highlight your skills, expertise, learning in your content.
  • Share your work.
  • Share stories, lessons, and experiences
  • Write detailed threads.

Action 2: Communication

  • Connect or engage with potential prospects (people who are hiring or might connect you to those hiring)
  • Connect or engage with people looking for mentorship.
  • Interact with fellow designers or people from your respective fields.

Action 3: Chance

  • Cold DM or email people with an intent to a solve problem for them.
  • Email people who are hosting events or workshops in your niche.

Optimizing your Twitter account

You have less than 5 seconds to convince someone to follow you. Use it to your advantage.

It is advisable for your Twitter Header, Bio, and profile picture to be:

  • Likable and matching your personality.
  • Tell the reader why you are worth following.
  • Give good vibes to your audience.

Define your Content Pillars

Content pillars are the 3 to 7 niches/sub-niches you will target. For example, if your niche is Home and Kitchen, thus your sub-niches fall under bedding, bath, seasonal decor, or cleaning supplies.

Sakshi’s Content Pillars:

  • Marketing (Niche)
  • Content Marketing (Sub-niche)
  • Freelancing (Niche)
  • Freelance Writing (Sub-niche)
  • Blog Writing (Sub-niche)
  • Social Media Writing (sub-niche)

The 3 Key Elements of Highly Engaging Content

  • Insights
  • Personality
  • Storytelling

Every piece of content should be either:

  • Fall under any of the 3 categories
  • Merge any 2 elements together
  • Have a bit of all 3 elements

The Structure of Cold DM Template

  • Quick Introduction (trying to establish credibility)
  • Why are you DMing the person?
  • Make your ask/offer something
  • What’s the CTA?
  • End it with giving them an out/

Don’t forget to add on your personality in the message and if there is no response do a follow-up at least 3 times. 

Example of a Cold DM from Sakshi

Boost Your Visibility

  • Make a private list on Twitter and name it ‘Commenting’.
  • Add everyone that you look up to, wish to connect to, want to learn from, or want to collaborate with.
  • Every day spend 15 minutes engaging with the people on that list.

The Not-To-Do List on Twitter

  • Avoid being salesy.
  • Do not only focus on your wins. Share your failures or things that go wrong too!
  • Do not compete, collaborate.
  • Decide your tweet frequency.  Schedule your tweets if you want to. 

More tips on how to build your personal brand

  1. Focus more on giving values.
  2. Promote your work occasionally.
    “ When you promote your value, that is where you promote yourself.”
  3. Mindset shift.
    Decide the number of your tweets. Do not pressure yourself. At the end of the week, jot down your thoughts, your tweets will come from there.”
  4. Start attending Twitter spaces.
  5. Send speaker request.
  6. When you feel comfortable, you can host the space.


  • YouTube:
    The Powerful Personal Branding by Ann Bastianelli, the CEO of Anthology Consulting, specializing in marketing strategy and executive coaching
  • Books:
  1. Reinventing You, With a New Preface: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future
  1. BrandingPays: The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand
  1. From Individual to Empire: A Guide to Building an Authentic and Powerful Brand

  • Podcasts:
  1. The Brand You Podcast by Mike Kim.
  2. Personal Branding Daily by Bernard Kelvin Clive.
  3. KNOW, LIKE & TRUST SHOW by Britney Gardner.

We hope the input from Sakshi is able to help you in creating your personal brand on Twitter. If you need more tips on creating your personal brand as a graphic designer, UI/UX designer, product designer, or others, our mentors will be happy to guide you on

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