June 13, 2022

Free Content Writing Tools For SEO & Marketing

Free Content Writing Tools For SEO & Marketing

Free Content Writing Tools For SEO & Marketing

According to research, the primary goals marketers set for their campaigns are brand awareness, increasing engagement, and increasing sales. In addition to that, 66% of marketers expect their 2022 budget for content marketing to increase more than their 2021 budget.

Essentially, what this means is that marketers are focused on content marketing as never before. Every year, businesses invest in content marketing more than they did before because they see good results from their efforts. But the key here is to find simple solutions to greater problems with the help of tools and unique tactics. Hence, here are the best free content writing tools for SEO and marketing to start using.

#1 Grammarly

Perhaps the most widely used tool by writers of any kind is Grammarly. This free tool quickly scans your text and detects any linguistic errors, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice mistakes. Moreover, it provides you with suggestions to correct these errors.

What’s great about Grammarly is that you can set up goals for your text (e.g. informal vs formal tone) as well as choose the type of English you are using (e.g. British vs American). There is a paid pro version that gives you additional reports, more suggestion options, and a plagiarism checker that highlights pieces of your text that could be paraphrased.

#2 Hemingway Editor

Another similar tool that is also quite popular among writers is Hemingway Editor. While it does detect linguistic issues, this tool is more focused on correcting the subtleties that improve your text’s readability. These include complex and lengthy sentences, adverbs, passive voice, etc.

If you are a good writer, you will have no problem avoiding these on your own. However, if you need some help, you can always hire a professional writer from the writing services reviews site Best Writers Online who can perfect your content even further.

#3 Google Search Console

Any website owner already knows about the purpose of the Google Search Console (which is free to use for anyone with a website). This tool measures the performance of your website and helps you improve your search rankings by analyzing how well your content is performing at the moment.

For instance, you can check metrics such as page load times or rankings for specific keywords to better understand what you should improve on your website or in your content. By analyzing the insights the Google Search Console provides you with, you can improve both your website and the content you publish on it for maximum results.

#4 Google Keyword Planner

One more valuable tool from Google is its Keyword Planner. As the name suggests, this tool is meant for Google Ads account owners who want to plan their campaigns smartly. However, you can also use it to enrich your knowledge about keywords and utilize this in your content marketing.

For instance, the tool lets you discover new or related keywords as well as get the search volume and forecasts on specific keywords. Whether you are working alone or with an experienced writer from the custom writing reviews site Writing Judge, this information will be critical for the creation of high-quality content that performs well.

#5 Answer The Public

While optimizing your content is important, you first need to come up with ideas for the content itself. That’s where Answer The Public can help. This tool lets you make three searches per day for free, but you can upgrade to a paid monthly subscription for unlimited searches.

When you have a keyword and you want a topic to go along with it, just enter the keyword into Answer The Public and you will get a visualization of the questions people ask on Google related to the keyword. This way, your content will not only rank well, but it might appear in the Featured Snippets or People Also Search For sections in search results.

#6 Keyword Density Checker

If you have ever worked with any renowned writing services, then you’ve probably heard about the importance of not overstuffing your content with keywords. In other words, the reason why you should pay attention to keyword density. To make this easier for you, you can use the Keyword Density Checker.

This tool will check how many times each keyword is mentioned in your article, just as its name implies. The tool is one of the 75 free tools offered by PrePostSEO (you can perform 500 queries per month with all their tools or upgrade to a paid plan).

#7 Word Counter

Last but not least, this simple Word Counter tool will perform a simple yet important task for many marketers – it will count the words in your text. However, this tool also has some additional features that you can use while checking your word count.

For example, Word Counter will also check your spelling and grammar, improve your writing style, and highlight plagiarism and repetition along with giving you SEO feedback. It is free and easy to use which is perfect for writers who prefer a minimalistic approach.


To summarize, all of these tools will be very valuable to both beginner and expert marketers. By implementing them throughout your content creation process, you will be able to reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on creating the content while maximizing the results you get from your campaigns.

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