Software Development
May 17, 2022

Freelance Software Developer or IT Service Agency: Which is the right choice for software development?

Freelance Software Developer or IT Service Agency: Which is the right choice for software development?

Freelance Software Developer or IT Service Agency: Which is the right choice for software development?

When you're contemplating how you want to approach software development for your project, one of the most important choices is whether you want to work with a freelance software developer or an IT service agency. The ideal fit could be the difference between being able to deliver a successful, profitable product and having your project delivered.

Freelance Software Developers are individuals who work by themselves. They often had backgrounds in working for other software development companies, and they moved on to start their own thing because they wanted more independence and autonomy. They typically don't specialize in any specific technology or industry, and they can range from a novice to a seasoned freelancer.

IT service agencies, by comparison, consist of teams of people who have worked together for years on numerous projects. They tend to be very specialized in certain technologies or industries, and they tend to be very experienced in helping clients achieve their business goals.

Difference between Freelance software developer and IT service agency


Freelancers are usually cheaper than IT service agencies, as they usually have lower overhead. Freelancers are best for small projects, such as designing a data and process flow.

Agencies are better for larger projects that require multiple specialists, such as creating an app from scratch or building out a comprehensive portal on your website.

The main difference in the cost is that there's no middle man when you hire a freelancer. You pay him directly, and that's it. When you hire a company, you're paying for the service plus the agency's costs.

Project scope

This refers to the amount of work involved in the project, which is the primary determinant of how much it will cost.

When dealing with an IT service agency, their requirements define the project scope. However, things are different with freelance developers: they can offer more flexible terms because a fixed set of requirements does not tie them down. Because they're independent contractors, they operate hourly and can scale up or down their services at your discretion, making them better suited for projects with a constantly changing scope.

Credibility & Quality

With software developer freelancers, you get what you pay for. But often, small business owners need developers who are fast, efficient and have a proven track record of producing quality work.

Hiring an IT service agency may seem like an unnecessary luxury at first, but once you start weighing the pros and cons, you realize that it's a smart long-term investment in your business.


While there is no shortage of software developers, the quality and reliability of their work vary greatly. As long as you are aware of the requirements of your product, you can find a developer who will do the job within your budget. 

But if your preference is for high quality and reliability, you'll have to be much more careful with your developer choice. It's important to remember that good software development isn't just about being able to code—it involves being able to code well while also being responsive enough to make changes and fix bugs after a product has been launched.