Career Advice
September 9, 2021

How to get career advice?

 How to get career advice?

It is perfectly normal when you feel lost before, during, and after you end your (previous) career. Constant guidance and considering advice are necessary to keep us in check ✅. So, what are the best resources to get the advice that you need? Or to be accurate, to whom should you refer?

The five groups of people below could be your best resources. It is time to keep in touch with an open heart. Brace yourself with the ‘unfiltered’, the ‘smack-on-the-face’, the ‘truth hurts comments...wait for it... that only meant to inspire you in your journey to success.🏆


Family is always there to support you and they know you well, inside out. One fake gesture and you’ll be ‘electrocuted’ ⚡😆. You know the thing people say that we are wearing different hats when talking to certain groups of people? Well, there is no hat including the Harry Potter Sorting Hat that could save you from your loved ones. Family is the best source of information especially when it comes to our hidden personalities. Sometimes, there are certain actions that we do not even realize we have.

This is not about unconsciously picking your nose in public but significant characteristics that you do not realize that you keep repeating doing such as the events that may trigger your anger, your soft spots, and your passions.  Family is not only restricted to your parents and siblings, your aunts, uncles, the caretaker could also give you good career advice. Though siblings will exaggerate things, perhaps this time take their comments seriously, make them feel important ( at least in that particular moment 😅).

You can go through the entire family tree if you want.

Peers’ Advice

Similar to family, our friends see the good side and the bad side of us as a person. We talking about characters here, not about the best posing angle for Instagram posting 🤣. There are things that we keep a secret from our family but not our friends. 

Seeking career advice from your frenemy or frenemies (depending on how dramatic you were in uni or at work) could be the best as they could highlight your most annoying character that brings people to a boiling point and your best character that makes an enemy decide to befriend you. 

Your current colleagues or ex-colleagues could give good career input too as they have been working with you for some time and could highlight your strengths and weaknesses at work.

This feedback from your peers helps you to work on your character, understand yourself and lead to a better career path.

Ex-bosses or ex-lecturers

Be kind to your (professional) exes; as in your ex-boss, ex-supervisor, ex-lecturer, or anyone who has contributed to your career journey. The advice from these professionals matters because they have experience working with you and guide you professionally. 

You may skip the people who gave you negative vibes or brought bad impacts on your life and focus on people who had and still inspires you to this day. They will surely be happy to give you the career advice that you need.

Career Coach

You know that sports coach that uses a loudspeaker or prefers to scream their heart out to give instructions to their sports player? That is how a career coach works; giving you continuous support in your career performance. Coaches are focusing on performance outcomes and assisting professionals’ in their current job.

If you are clueless on how to do well in your career, a career coach will help to identify the areas that need improvement, guide you during a transition to a new career and help you to reach your career goals. There are many career coach services that you could explore to get the career assistance that you need.

Find a Mentor

Mentor and coach services are interchangeable but mentors are more focusing on your career development. Mentors are usually the people who are working in your industry and have many years of experience that could benefit your career development. 

Mentors could offer you insights into the industry which you can use to plan your career path. Sort of someone who is holding a torchlight (your mentor) in your dark alley (unknown career path), the information you gain from your mentors is the tools that you will use to overcome the dark miseries (career obstacles). 

We hope this list could help you to find the career advice that you need. Hop into ADPlist website to be connected to mentors worldwide for free!