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May 17, 2022

Land a UX Job with These 3 Strategies

Land a UX Job with These 3 Strategies

Land a UX Job with These 3 Strategies

Landing a job is competitive, especially after Covid-19 hit  the world. You have to create a strong impression not only on your resume and portfolio but also on your professional digital profile such as LinkedIn. There are many tips  on how you can  land a UX designer job.But,which one do  you try first?

In this blog, our mentor Tomáš Zeman, a Product Design Director at Fidelity Labs, and co-host Kristin Kerney share 3 strategies that could help you land a UX Job

Landing a UX Designer Job: The 3 Methods

Anyone can call themselves a designer as no formal training is required. You can gain  knowledge and skills as a designer through self-teaching, Bootcamps, mentoring, etc. The 3 strategies that could help you land a UX job are:

  1. Apply
  2. Network
  3. Practice Design Skills

Try to balance your time between these 3  areas. So that, when you do get interviews you  feel more confident, feel fresh, connected and ready to talk about your experience.

Landing a UX Designer Job: Applying the 3 Methods

  • Apply in  regular momentum
    Commit to applying for jobs to a certain amount every month, on a regular basis, to keep up the momentum.
  • Use connections for  roles you are interested in
“I found a lot of success using my connections or looking at companies that I had a specific interest in or industries that I had a specific interest in. Put in a little extra time and effort into those that you have that special connection with or relevant skills or background that may make you a unique candidate for that company specifically.”- Kristin.
  • Emphasizing design and non-design experience
  • Practice daily UX challenges to showcase visual design skills

You can practice your UX design skills at or

  • Keep track and document snippets of advice

Keep track and document everything that you work on. You are likely to refer to the documents. Snippets from a cover letter for answers to screening questionnaires or snippets of advice that you get from people, keep track of everything. This will help you in the future. Talk  and get advice from people.

Landing a UX Designer Job: Building a UX Skills Template

The Nielson Norman Group’s UX skills template is a way to self-assess your skills. You can start by asking yourself:

  • What skills am I strong at?
  • What makes me different from others?
  • How does working with other people help you learn? 
“Use your own (UX skills template) to build on what makes you different, instead of trying to hide your previous background. For example, Kristin has a background in financial services in other areas outside the design which is super helpful in her new role. Build on the skills that you already have and get to know what  types of UX skills you do have.”- Tomáš.

Landing a UX Designer Job: How long does it take?

Credit: Freepik
  • Do not get discouraged. It will take a while
  • Do not quit your day job
  • Keep learning and practicing your design skills
  • Be patient
  • Look for other opportunities while waiting for a response, such as internships and freelancing
  • Learn from other designers or engineers
  • Be open to a different direction

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Kristin Kerney (ADPList Member)
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