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December 23, 2021

What is a Mentoring Program?

What is a Mentoring Program?

A mentoring program is a coaching plan that can be implemented offline or online. The mentoring program is participated by a mentor who is experienced in a respective field and a mentee who wants to develop new skills or gain new knowledge from the program sessions. A mentoring program is also a two-way communication in which mentors could share knowledge and mentees could raise concerns on any career issues. 

Types of Mentoring Program
Types of Mentoring Program

What are the types of mentoring programs? 


  • One-on-one coaching: A mentor and a mentee are a match based on the mentor’s experience and the mentee's self-development needs. The duration and the structure of the program is based on the agreed timeframe between both parties
  • Distance mentoring: Or virtual mentoring is performed when mentor and mentee are in a different location. 
  • Group mentoring: Can be held with a group of mentees with similar interest that wants to consult a mentor of their choice. A mentor could also select a group of mentees that he or she wishes to train and plan activities to maintain the mentees’ interest in the program.

 How to fully utilize the mentorship program between mentor and mentee?

  • Define a clear learning objective for both parties to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Set a clear timeline, time obviously waits for no one. The timeline provides progress tracking of the mentorship sessions as well as creating a sense of urgency for both parties to organize information (mentor) and to ask questions (mentee)
  • Providing and using tools and resources, most mentors will suggest different types of tools and resources that might be useful in a mentee's career. Apply the tools and resources given after the mentoring program ended whenever needed.
  • Understand and accept ground rules. This is important to prevent misunderstandings and to ensure a successful mentoring program. 
Benefits as a Mentor and Mentee

What Is A Mentor?

A mentor is someone who helps can support, advise and guide you to make better decisions and gain new perspective on your life and career. A mentor will utilize their experiences and past on their knowledge to support your career.

A mentor is also a person who can guide you towards the right direction and act as a role model who you can imitate.

Why a mentorship program?

Benefits for a mentor:

  • Golden opportunity to implement and sharpen your leadership to different groups of mentees. You have gained many great experiences throughout the years and inspire others, it is time to give back to the community!

  • A two-way street: Mentoring programs are not just about what you have experienced but also about learning your mentee goals, passion, backgrounds that could shed new light on other matters in life that you never experienced before.

  • Expand your network with your mentee, you might meet them again in your organization- hustling together in the industry. 

Benefits for mentees: 


  • Hands-on experience in which mentees can start to implement all the theories they learn from university or books to work!  It is a great start for working industry self-preparation. Everyone knows how nerve-wracking the first day of an interview or first day at a new workplace is going to be. Your mentoring sessions with your mentor could save some sweat and boost your confidence.

  • Building your career and professional development, hence that is why it is advisable to enter your mentoring program with an open mind (and open heart). There are always new skills, knowledge, tips, and tricks that will assist you in your next professional chapter. You will be surprised by some working tips that will be super useful in your career.

More benefits as a mentor and mentee can be found here

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Remote-based mentorship program

A remote-based mentoring program seems to be the ideal preference during the pandemic. If you are a final-year student or a junior executive who is keen to find a mentor that could assist you during this unpredictable time, a remote-based mentoring program IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU!

Finding a suitable mentor could require a little bit of research, for example, the mentor’s background, whether the mentor is in the right industry, the mentor’s skill that you want to learn and master, and the availability of the mentor to plan mentoring sessions that work for you. 

At, you have access to various mentoring programs with experienced mentors around the world. These mentors could assist you in career advice, interview techniques, portfolio review, and leadership. Mentoring without boundaries is possible! 

On the other hand, if you are an experienced person in your industry and would like to share your knowledge, you are more than welcome to register as a mentor at

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