October 11, 2022

10 KickAss Chrome Extensions That Every Designer Must Have To Up Their Design Game

10 KickAss Chrome Extensions That Every Designer Must Have To Up Their Design Game

Being a designer is all fun and creative but just like any other job, the design also entails some repetitive and tedious manual work. We've compiled a list of 10 of our favourite Chrome extensions that increase productivity, foster creativity, or make work more enjoyable in an effort to make your life a little bit simpler.

1. Site Palette

If you need all colors from a website, then Site Palette is your go to tool. Site Palette creates colour schemes based on the website's coding. You can also download automatically generated Sketch templates and create URLs that can be shared.

2. WhatFont

Finding out what font is used on a website you really like is now easier than ever. With WhatFont., you can identify the font used for any piece of design you come across in your browser simply by hovering over it. 

3. Image Downloader

Want to bulk download images from a web page? Well, then Image Downloader extension is all you need. This extension is indeed a time saver for designers as it allows them to browse and download images from the web with just one click.

4. Heurio — UX Check & Visual Feedback Tool

This tool will help communication between designer and developer. Using this extension you can turn any website into a canvas and add your notes which can be later shared with the developer. Through this extension, those minor misunderstandings will be thrown away during the deployment phase.

5. Window resizer

With this extension, you can swiftly resize your window to any resolution so that you can emulate any device. Not just this, you can also set height and width to change the website window to a particular window.

6. PickMonkey

Picmonkey is a Chrome extension that allows you to instantly edit images and screenshots from any webpage.

7. Unstack Style Guide

With the help of the Unstack Style Guide Chrome extension, you can quickly and effortlessly get all the design data you require from any website, such as the brand palette, text colours, and font styles.

You can even export and duplicate the style guides in just a few clicks.

8. Fonts Ninja - Font identifier Chrome extension

Fonts Ninja helps to identify fonts and provide information about them by checking available styles, foundry, and price. The algorithm examines the fonts as well as their CSS properties.

9. PerfectPixel

Using this extension, frontenders can overlay a semi-transparent image over the HTML DOM in order to compare the design with the CSS layout.

10. Evernote Web Clipper 

Save anything you find online, including text, links, and images, into your Evernote account with just one click, from interests to research. Any webpage's text, graphics, and links can all be clipped with just one click. Gather all of the online inspiration you can.

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