May 17, 2022

10 Tips for Effective UX Writing

10 Tips for Effective UX Writing

10 Tips for Effective UX Writing

Credit: Storyset

UX content writing
demands strong writing skills to engage and assist users better. The aim of UX writing is to simplify the users journey from start until the end without significant complications or errors.

Learn the 10 tips for effective UX Writing!

  1. Know your audience
    Get to know your audience. Who are they? What are their educational backgrounds? Are they tech-savvy? What language is the most suitable for your audience? Design your writing that suits your audience's needs and understanding.
  1. Avoid being wordy
    UX writing is different than copywriting and content writing. You have to write in a concise and simple manner. Long sentences could turn off users from completing their users’ journey as it will take longer time for them to consume the information before proceeding to the next page.
  2. Have rationale
    Have rationale behind each wording. Why are you using the word “A” and not the word “B”? Why should the sentence be on a specific page and not on the other page?

    By providing rationales, it will help you remove redundant words.

  1. Be useful
    Ensure that your UX writing is useful to your users at every stage of their journey. Inform users of what they need to do to proceed to the next stage. For example, if on a particular page there is a probability that users need assistance, will there be a sentence on a website button or on a pop-up box that informs users there is help available?

Learn the 8 Examples of Good UX Writing.

  1. Maintain consistency
    Maintain the UX writing style consistency from the start of the user’s journey to the end of the user’s journey. Discuss with the team leader before you start writing to understand the company’s brand voice and craft your UX writing to fit the company’s brand identity.

  2. Aim for clear writing
    Link and list clearly wherever possible. Highlight the words that are attached with links that lead to different pages for users to get more information.
    List down items if possible to assist users in finding what they need quicker.
  1. Include graphics
    Include graphic if it helps you  communicate with your users better. For example, when asking for a specific number from a receipt, you can capture an image of a receipt and highlight where the number you requested is located.

    Graphics could be used to emphasize danger or demand immediate attention from users.
  1. Set a positive tone
    Make your audience feel assisted and welcome to use your product or service. Prevent your UX writing style from being robotic, write for humans.

    Write how you would have a conversation with another person, aligned with the company’s identity. If allow, insert some sense of humor too!
  1. Choose the best words
    Trigger action by choosing the best words in your UX writing. Choose a word and brainstorm on the word synonyms. Which word has more impact on the user? 
Credit: Storyset
  1. Experiment with wording
    Play around with your writing. Does your style of writing increase click rates or lead users to abandon any form of action on your page? 

    Analyze the results with your team and plan strategies to improve your writing.

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