May 26, 2022

10 Top Games to Test UI/UX Designer Skills

10 Top Games to Test UI/UX Designer Skills

10 Top Games to Test UI/UX designer skills

Let’s take a break from books, courses, Bootcamps and video tutorials!

Have some fun today with 10 Top Games to Test UI/UX designer skills. Similar to other types of expertise, as a UX or UI designer you need to constantly challenge your design skills to create impactful design.

These games could assist your understanding of design principles, methods, and more. Just you and the game - no pressure 😉

It is like doing a revision and doing homework in a happier mood!

Get your game on 🎮 😎

1: Color


How to Play:

  • Press the center to get started
  • You will give a few seconds to choose the right color. 
  • There are 6 stages: Hue, Saturation,Complementary, Analogous,Triadic, & Tetradic

2: KernType


How to Play: 

  • A letter spacing game
  • You can move the alphabet using your mouse or keyboard
  • Click ‘Done’ and you will be scored out of 100

3: The Boolean Game

The Boolean Game

How to Play:

  • A design alignment game
  • Unite, subtract, intersect, and differ basic shapes to create icons
  • You can ‘Start Over’ or ‘Undo’ if you provide the wrong answer

4: Can’t Unsee

Can't Unsee

How to Play:

  • Choose which design provides the best user experience
  • The difficulty level will increase after the first 3 stages
  • You have the option to compare the design if you’ve given a wrong answer

5: The Bézier Game

Bézier Game

How to Play:

  • Testing designer’s ability using the pen tool
  • At the beginning, you will be given 3 shapes to outline using the tool (practice stage)
  • Real test starts after the practice stage

6: Designercize


How to Play:

  • A resource for design challenges during interviews & it is a digital version of the whiteboard challenge
  • Select difficulty level: Easy, Medium & Hard
  • You can change the type of design challenge by clicking on the Reload button

7: Shape Type

Shape Type

How to Play:

  • Move the pink circle to shape the letter
  • Press ALT for a quick review
  • You will be given a similarity percentage score based on the original shape vs your shape

8: What the Hex

What the Hex

How to Play:

  • Guess the color code
  • You can customize the difficulty
  • You will given the right code if you provide a wrong answer

9: It’s Centred That

It's Centred That

How to Play:

  • Find the center of an object
  • If you get the right answer, you may proceed to the next question
  • If you provide the wrong answer, you can try again or challenge a friend

10: Better Web Type 

Better Web Type

How to Play:

  • Adjust one of the three variables to match the other two
  • If you feel satisfied with your selection, you can proceed to submit
  • You will be given a score out of 10 

Set some time in a week or a month for you to do self-learning. Improve your design skills from time to time. Upgrade your knowledge and skills whenever you can to be a better UX or UI designer.

You could always ask for designs feedback from our mentors