June 15, 2022

15 Best Social Media Management Tools

15 Best Social Media Management Tools

15 best social media management tools

So, you have your social media accounts ready. The bio section is crafted well, the profile picture looks good, and you have gained a good number of followers to start with.

As your brand grows, you need to ensure that the process of postings on social media accounts will run smoothly without too many hiccups. Things could get out of hand when there are too many contents to manage at one time.

You can’t run from human error and tech issues, but there are things you can control for you to communicate effectively through your social media accounts such as Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

These 15 best social media management tools could be your sidekick in managing your social media accounts!

Let’s jump straight in!

1: Hootsuite


About tool:

Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media accounts in one place. You can create and schedule postings, plan upcoming campaigns, respond to messages, and more. This will save a lot of time compared to logging in and signing out a couple of times on different social media accounts manually.

2: Grammarly


About tool:

Grammarly is your life savior when it comes to detecting errors in your writing. There are free plans and Premium plans to choose from. Creating content sometimes involves a lot of writing and it is difficult to detect writing errors manually. Yes, you could read out loud or set aside a separate hour to proofread each individual posting, but it is time consuming and not to mention energy draining.

Grammarly allows auto-detection at the same time you are writing. It checks for any spelling errors, grammatical errors and rephrases your sentences.

3: Canva


About tool:

Canva comes in handy if you do not have a budget to hire a Graphic Designer or you just started your business. It has many design templates for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

You could insert music and create animations too! There are 3 different plans for you to choose from: Free plan, Pro plan, and Enterprise plan.

4: Buffer


About tool:

Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer offers social media management in one place. You can track your social media accounts performance, publish and schedule  your content, and engage with your followers.

There are 4 pricing plans available: Free, Essentials, Team, and Agency.

5: CoSchedule


About tool:

CoSchedule not only allows you to keep your agenda organized, but it also has a feature called Headline Analyzer. With Headline Analyzer, you can check your headline performance and make amendments based on the software suggestions.

6: Creator Studio

Creator Studio

About tool:

With Creator Studio, you can manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. It is a free tool as long as you have a Facebook account and you are good to go. It allows you to tag people in your caption, review your post before scheduling, and check your posts performance. 

7: Later


About tool:

Later is a social media management tool for newbies and professionals. It offers auto-publish function for Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn posts.

You can try the Later free plan for 14 days, and if you enjoy using the tool, you can subscribe to their Starter, Growth, or Advanced plan.

8: Answer the Public

Answer the Public

About tool:

You shall need this tool when you are running out of ideas! Answer the Public could support your content by providing topics that you could create based on the tool suggestions. 

Keep calm and use the Answer the Public tool! 

9: Copywriting Examples

Copywriting Examples

About tool:

Copywriting Examples is a tool that could inspire you in your copywriting design. There are many competitive catchy copywriting styles out there. You need to find your brand style and write something that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

A powerful copywriting message with good design will bring impact to the audience to remember your brand. 

10: Loomly


About tool:

Loomly offers posting ideas to inspire your content, post and ads mockups, provide optimization tips, and more. You will receive notification if one of your team members makes a comment on a piece of content which makes teamwork a breeze.

There are monthly and yearly plans that you can choose from. 

11: Freepik


About tool:

Freepik has many free illustrations, vectors, photos, and other types of creatives for your content. But please remember to credit the creators in your content!

12: Pexels


About tool:

Create visually appealing content with free images by Pexel. You can insert images when creating long form content. This does not only attract your readers but also helps to optimize your content (the probability of the content to be ranked). 

13: Keyword Anywhere

Keyword Anywhere

About tool:

Keyword Anywhere is a good keyword research tool for you to use before writing your content. It allows you to view the search volume of the keyword, SEO difficulty, global data trend, and suggests long-tail keywords as well. 

With Keyword Anywhere, you can plan the right keywords to use for your content.

14: WordHippo


About tool:

Have you been using the same word too many times? Try WordHippo, you can find words synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, and more.

And if you need to write poetry or create a rapping-style jingle, the Rhymes tab could come in handy. 

15: Milanote


About tool:

One effective way to share your ideas with your team is by using Milanote. With Milanote, you can create visual boards to organize ideas and projects. Your team can write comments, images, insert to-do lists, color options, headings, audio, video, and more. There are 3 plans available: a limited free version, a paid version for individuals, and a plan for teams.

So, there you have it the 15 best social media management tools. Need more advice on how to manage your social media? Type in ‘Marketing’ in our search bar and you have a variety of choices of global mentors to choose from. They are happy and ready to assist you!