October 3, 2022

8 Inspiring Designer Resumes That Passed MAANG Companies' Bar

8 Inspiring Designer Resumes That Passed MAANG Companies' Bar

Are you a design professional working on your resume or thinking about updating it? 

Let us help you. The very first step towards securing your dream design job is crafting a spot-on design resume that can get you a second look. But exactly what qualifications, skills, and communication are top companies like Google, Instagram, or Amazon are looking to find in their next design employee? What needs to be on your resume – and how do you design it – so that you get it past the interview round?

Here are some amazing resume examples from designers that are now working at Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

1. Rachel Schmitz

Source: Rachel Schmitz

Rachel Schmitz is a product designer at SECRET MUMBO and a former interaction designer at Google

2. Sanat Rath

Source: Bestfolios

Sanat Rath lives in New York City and works at Google as a UX designer for Docs, Sheets & Slides.

3. Hanna Jung

Source: Bestfolios 

Hanna is a Senior UX Designer at the Google Play Store team. She previously worked at MicroStrategy as a Lead UX Designer.

4. Simon Pan

Source: Simon Pan

Simon Pan is a Product Designer at Google based in San Francisco. He previously worked at Medium, Amazon, and Uber.

5. Maggie Banks

Maggie Banks is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Product Design and Human-Computer Interaction. She interned at Google and

6. Jessie Van

Source: Jessie Van

Jessie Van is currently working as a Product Designer at Google. She previously worked at Samsung and Method Design as a Product and Interaction designer. 

7. Jihoon Suh

Source: Jihoon Suh

Product Designer at Facebook.

8. Min Zhou

Source: Case Study Club

Product designer at Instagram.

Everybody can write a resume, but not everybody can do it right. In today’s cut-throat business environment, almost 40% of hiring managers say they spend less than a minute reviewing a resume. Hence, it's very crucial to have a strong, clear, and eye-catching resume that flawlessly depicts your relevant skills and work experience. Use these great resume samples for inspiration and land your dream design job. 

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