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June 8, 2023

ADPList 2023 Summer Release

ADPList 2023 Summer Release

Introducing ADPList Categories, AI Courses, and 20+ new releases.

Our new take on the original ADPList experience by helping you get to know your mentors better before meeting and discover the most relevant sessions.

Highlight includes:

  • ADPList Categories (and Sub Categories): A new way to search that makes it easy for members to discover thousands of mentors they never met.
  • ADPList Multi-Thread Calendar (Coming in May): An innovative feature that allows mentors to split their calendars for different purposes in one single platform.
  • APDList Profile Insights: The most comprehensive bringing the best of community, mentorship and contributions to your profile to share your proof of contributions.
  • ADPList AI Courses (Coming in June): Trend setting into mentorship with AI courses that teaches about AI to designers, product managers and people in tech. Join waitlist:
  • New Review Experience: A revamped experience to write and read reviews to boost credibility of mentors and protect the community.

20+ new releases include:

  • Calendar: Auto-detect issues fixed
  • Messenger: Improve unread message visibility
  • UX: Horizontal scroll update on tool selection
  • UX: Email fields validation UX improvement
  • Onboarding: New Mentor Onboarding
  • Profile: Checklist updates for new users
  • Mentee get a match UX improvements
  • Social login compatibility improvements
  • Mentor industry and work experience ux improvements
  • Mentor profile UI improvements
  • Trust & Safety Update: Blocking & Reporting System
  • Community Statistics and Insights Update
  • Date Range Availability
  • Gender, Language Filter
  • ADPList+ Masterclass
  • Cleaner Profile UI

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