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September 27, 2022

ADPList BeMore 2022 Release

ADPList BeMore 2022 Release

Introducing ADPList’s "BeMore" generation

Every day, people globally are experiencing new possibilities, thanks to their mentors. Each connection brings about renewed hope, growth, belonging, and newfound knowledge.

Our biggest takeaway from this, which has been repeatedly demonstrated by our community of mentors – is that people are fundamentally good. Here’s our bit in spreading that goodness a little bit further.

Mentor Update Announcement

1. Trust Update for ADPList Mentors

While we’re still in the early stages of building up Trust within our community, we will make every effort to work closely with Mentors in ensuring a safe and reliable experience for them.

2. Equipping and strengthening Mentors

We believe that everyone has a place in learning from, and mentoring each other. Dedicated programs will bring our mentors from different and diverse communities together to share their unique lived experiences.

3. Mentor Recognition

ADPList partners with LinkedIn

Mentors on ADPList deserve to be recognized worldwide. We will double down on partnering with like-minded organizations, like LinkedIn, to increase workplace recognition and deliver exclusive Mentor benefits.

4. A New Mentor Home: Designed for Impact, Connections

This Mentor Homepage update provides even more visibility on post-session impact, and enables deeper and more meaningful connections with existing members in the community.

Member Update Announcement

1. Instant Match Feature

Instant Match leverages on ADPList's community algorithm to pair mentors with members based on their disciplines, career goals and interests, to drive better and more relevant conversations.

2. Available ASAP

Time is of the essence. Look for and connect almost instantly with mentors who are available within the next 7 days.

3. Courses by ADPList

Courses are:

  1. Mentor-led: Co-created with our best and most highly sought after mentors, to produce the most relevant content for you.
  2. Peer-driven: Engage and upskill with our thriving community.
  3. Available to all: As always, it will be free, thanks to our amazing partners!
  4. Timely and practical: Course materials will be constantly updated to contain the latest trends, insights and best practices.
  5. Certified: Official certifications will be bestowed upon successful completion.


ADPList Talents will be shipping 28 September 2022! More announcements to follow.

A huge shoutout to our partners, speakers and team for making #BeMore2022 a dream come true for the community!