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April 8, 2024

ADPList co-founder James Baduor steps down from full-time role

ADPList co-founder James Baduor steps down from full-time role

Jan 22, 2023 — Today, ADPList is announcing that James Baduor has stood down from his operating roles at ADPList. James will be transitioning into a directorship and advisory role with ADPList moving forward; James has officially stepped down from his role since August 2023.

James co-founded ADPList with Felix Lee, CEO, in 2021, and was a freelance product designer and no-code developer before joining ADPList in February 2021. He led design and product as CPO until he officially stood down in August 2023. He currently is a part of the board of directors at ADPList, and has joined Mintlify as a founding designer.

Felix Lee, Co-founder and CEO, ADPList said, “When James and I first met over the pandemic, I knew we were going to build something incredible together. We set the vision to democratize mentorship for all, a community where everyone can belong. I have immense respect and gratitude for James as a business partner and good friend. I am thankful to have found a true partner who cares deeply about the impact we create for our community, our Mentors, and the world. James has invested himself fully into setting up the team and foundations for ADPList to thrive in the long term. I will miss working with him in our day-to-day operations; I thank him for the past four years of trust and partnership, and will continue to support his decision to pursue his personal passions.”

James Baduor, Co-founder, ADPList said, “Being a part of ADPList from its inception has been an incredibly rewarding journey. The growth and impact we've achieved reflect the collective spirit and dedication of our team. As a co-founder, I've had the privilege of working with a group of exceptionally talented individuals, united in our mission to foster global mentorship and open doors of opportunity for many.”

“As I transition from my role as CPO to a member of the board, I do so with immense pride in what we've built and unyielding faith in the future of ADPList. While my focus shifts, my commitment to our vision remains steadfast. I am excited to watch and support the next chapter of ADPList's story, confident in the strong leadership and innovative spirit that defines our team. This isn't a goodbye, but a new way of contributing to a mission that I deeply believe in,” he added.