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April 21, 2022

ADPList partners with DesignerUp

ADPList partners with DesignerUp

ADPList is partnering with DesignerUp to support UX/UI and product designers in their learning through mentorship. This partnership includes events and content initiatives designed to empower the community.

About ADPList‍

ADPList is on a mission to give every person the freedom to grow together. We inspire the world by providing a platform where people can find, book, and meet mentors from over 40+ countries worldwide - from 1:1s to group sessions.‍

About DesignerUp

DesignerUp creates courses, resources, and tools to help UX/UI and Product Designers to becoming more skillful and mindful. DesignerUp believes that everyone should be able to receive affordable, high-quality design education. They provide designers from all walks of life with the opportunity to master their craft and enter the industry by using a mindful, holistic approach to design education.

“Education and mentorship are foundational to our work as designers. The more we study, practice, and share our craft, the better equipped we are to help each other succeed and grow. DesignerUp and ADPList are proud to be partnering to give mentors greater access to the design education, tools, and resources they need to enhance their own skills and career and become better mentors.” -DesignerUp team.

🤩 ADPList team and mentors will have access to 30% off the DesignerUp Product Design (UX/UI) course and 30% off all Notion Templates and Ebooks for Designers.


  1. 30% off our Product Design (UX/UI) Course

⚡️74+ self-paced HD videos lessons and exercises

⚡️Master UX, UI, Business and Product Strategy

⚡️Build an end-to-end product and your portfolio

⚡️Access our software tutorials vault and resource library

⚡️1 click-copy our Notion workspace and portfolio templates for product designers

⚡️Job matching in our Talent Collective

⚡️Huge discounts to our partners: Figma, Sketch, Invision and more!

⚡️Join a supportive community of mindful designers

⚡️Lifetime access

    2. 30% off all Notion Templates and Ebooks for Designers

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