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December 11, 2021

ADPList partners with EntryLevel

ADPList partners with EntryLevel

ADPList is excited to announce our partnership with EntryLevel, a platform that supports professionals to discover, reskill into and nurture a meaningful career. EntryLevel's mission is to help people find meaningful employment. The organization believes that lifelong learning is the key to future-proofing your career. There are currently 5 programs available: Product Manager, Data Analyst L1, Data Analyst L2, Growth Marketer, and Sustainability Analyst.

We believe EntryLevel's goal strongly aligns with ADPList's commitment to supporting the community in learning new skills and enhancing career growth. This partnership will include the following engagement: 

  1. Partner program - Students, teachers, and mentors from EntryLevel will be able to claim a partner badge for their ADPList profile

  2. Guest Lectures - EntryLevel will host ADPList Mentors as guest lecturers to deliver materials for deeper learning based on the list of topics in the curriculum and specifically for Product Management and Marketing programs.

    3. Content Collaboration - Both parties will collaborate to create live sessions and recorded          lectures with the flexibility to repurpose the content in other formats.

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