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September 5, 2022

ADPList Partners With India’s Top UX UI Design Academy - Designerrs Academy

 ADPList Partners With India’s Top UX UI Design Academy - Designerrs Academy

ADPList is partnering with Designerrs Academy - India’s Top UI/UX Academy to support the community of design enthusiasts through quality education and mentorship. This partnership includes:

  1. One-on-one interviews, panel discussions, and portfolio reviews from ADPList Mentors Community Worldwide.
  2. Educational content initiatives, designed to empower the community and support design aspirants.
  3. Offline Meet-ups for ADPList and DETAUX (Talk UX) community.
  4. Exclusive UX goodies and merchandise for ADPList and DETAUX Community.

About ADPList‍

ADPList is on a mission to give every person the freedom to grow together. We inspire the world by providing a platform where people can find, book, and meet mentors from over 100+ countries worldwide - from 1:1s to group sessions.‍

About Designerrs Academy

Designerrs Academy is a space for everyone, irrespective of level or background to learn Design from Scratch. Dedicated to democratizing design education their courses are affordable, accessible as well as designed to make you industry-ready.

Having observed flaws in the design education system firsthand, Designerrs Academy have designed a unique pedagogy with emphasis on Activity-based learning, Gamified sessions, and Personalized mentorship that are conducted with smaller cohorts with UX Industry Practitioners to guide them. As part of the DETAUX (Designerrs Talk UX) Community, they have 1000+ mentors, and 20K+ learners from 40+ countries!

Design school was great, I don’t regret any of it but unfortunately it does not prepare new designers for practical situations in real-world design teams, like the fast-paced product cycle, business world constraints, and more. Apart from that, we want to break down the elite and exclusive nature of D-school education, and we want to achieve this with the help of our flexible, accelerated and outcome-based training programs.”

Atul Kumar Chhabra

CEO, Designerrs Academy

Alumni NID, Ex- Samsung

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