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April 21, 2022

ADPList partners with Playbook

ADPList partners with Playbook

ADPList is partnering with Playbook to empower the community with a design series sessions, Playbook benefit package, and content initiatives.

About ADPList‍

ADPList is on a mission to give every person the freedom to grow together. We inspire the world by providing a platform where people can find, book, and meet mentors from over 40+ countries worldwide - from 1:1s to group sessions.‍

About Playbook

Playbook is an organized home base for all creative work. Playbook enables teams to share and collaborate on visual projects and freelancers to work with clients and share their work across the world seamlessly.

Playbook is powered by advanced and intelligent technology that automatically imports, tags, and categorizes the entire media library in minutes.

About Playbook Founder- Jessica Ko

Jessica Ko is a co-founder and CEO of, a $90 million visual cloud storage startup in San Francisco. As part of Google’s early design team in 2007, she was responsible for working on Google Drive, Hangout, and YouTube products and interviewing, reviewing, and hiring hundreds of designers. A former Googler, she was the first and Head Designer at Opendoor, overseeing a multi-billion dollar company’s product and brand design. Additionally, she has advised and contributed to the raising of hundreds of millions of dollars for more than a dozen startups nationwide.

In her role as a hiring design manager, she has seen a variety of portfolios, from abysmal to extraordinary. She authored Dribbble’s top-sponsored post of all time, and she continues to advise designers on building a solid portfolio. She holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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🎟️ 3 Things to include in your design portfolio  (May 4th, 8pm EST)

🎟️ What hiring managers are looking for? (May 11th, 8pm EST)

🎟️ Tips when starting your design career (May 18th, 8pm EST)

Discount information

As an ADPList member, you’ll receive:

  • an invitation to Artist + Designer Plan and 4TB free lifetime storage
  • early access to illustrations, future NFTs, and templates
  • One Year Free Team Plan if you invite your colleagues

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