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June 16, 2022

ADPList and Salesforce Partners On Global Mentorship

ADPList and Salesforce Partners On Global Mentorship

ADPList is partnering with Salesforce to provide support in finding quality candidates in the field of design and strategy through mentorship. This partnership includes group sessions, CSR mentorship, and content initiatives designed to empower the community.

About ADPList‍

ADPList is on a mission to give every person the freedom to grow together. We inspire the world by providing a platform where people can find, book, and meet mentors from over 100+ countries worldwide - from 1:1s to group sessions.‍

About Salesforce

We bring companies and customers together on the #1 CRM. Sharing the news, events, and innovation you need to change the world for good.

“The partnership between Salesforce and ADPList will be impactful and powerful.  This partnership will increase Salesforce and Digital Strategy & Design’s (DSD) brand awareness, while expanding DSD’s URM reach globally. The mentorship opportunities between the two companies will expand personal connections outside of the typical social circle, which leads to a gain in diverse perspectives, via mentoring and the reverse-mentorship effect. As a result, this partnership will open an additional talent source for hiring and access to diverse candidates who fit the skill set profile sought by the DSD organization within Salesforce." -Cindy Angulo, Experience Lead at Salesforce.
“ADPList and Salesforce are aligned in our belief that together we’re responsible to help shape society and the future for the better. We believe that we can achieve this by sharing the knowledge we’ve acquired from one generation to the next. Today, we’re in an empowering moment for every organization and the future of mentorship, but also for underrepresented groups across the industry. I can’t wait for what the future of our partnership holds.” - Felix Lee, Co-Founder and CEO at ADPList 

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