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April 20, 2022

ADPList partners with UX East Meets West

ADPList partners with UX East Meets West

ADPList is partnering with UX East Meets West to support Taiwanese UX professionals worldwide through mentorship. This partnership includes events and content initiatives designed to empower the community.

About ADPList‍

ADPList is on a mission to give every person the freedom to grow together. We inspire the world by providing a platform where people can find, book, and meet mentors from over 40+ countries worldwide - from 1:1s to group sessions.‍

About UX East Meets West

The UX East Meets West goal is to raise awareness of UX-centric design and create a safe place for members to share and collaborate. The team is currently focusing on 2 areas which are product design publication and mentorship programs. 

UX East Meets West's goal is in line with ADPList's commitment to supporting the community in learning new skills and enhancing career growth.

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