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November 10, 2022

ADPList100 Awards 2022

ADPList100 Awards 2022

Mentoring is the most important and powerful aspect of an empowered and educated world. Above all, it's life-changing. At ADPList, our mentors have nurtured countless minds, helped them grow in their careers, and become successful, over time. Their sheer dedication and commitment towards our mission of democratising education do not fail to inspire and amaze us at every step. And that’s why we look for every way to celebrate their relentless efforts and contributions towards the ADPList community. 

We are beyond thrilled and excited to let you all know that we are back with the most prestigious and the biggest global celebration of mentorship impact - the ADPList100 Awards 2022! Created to recognise the finest & most giving Top 100 Mentors on our platform that are transforming and empowering the community with their extraordinary efforts. 

This is your opportunity to show your gratitude towards the mentors that helped you become a better version of yourself. Vote for your favourite mentors and applaud them for their unconditional support, commitment and guidance.  


Q: How does the ADPList100 Awards work? 

Winners will be determined based on the number of votes they receive from the ADPList community, as well as their overall contribution this past year, which means your participation is critical. If you have an ADPList account, you'll be able to vote for your favourite mentor, starting today till November 15. 

Make sure you're logged in to Upvote!
  • Login to your ADPList profile
  • Click on the “Upvote” button under your favourite mentor’s profile page

Votes will be tallied after – top 100 mentors with the most votes will be taking the ADPList100 Award home! List of winners will be announced November 22.

Want to be sure that your favourite mentors make it to the leaderboard? Spread the word within the community that voting is only live till November 15! 

Q: What do the award winners receive? 

We will be applauding and celebrating our Top 100 Mentors across all our social media platforms on November 22, 2022. Winners will receive the exclusive ADPList100 Awards Plaque and associated swag (details TBC).

Q: How many mentors can you vote for? 

You can vote for as many mentors as you want, but only once per mentor. We recommend only voting for mentors you’ve actually met and had sessions with. 

Q: When does voting begin?

Voting for ADPList100 Awards begins tonight and stays open till November 15, 2022. We’ll announce the winners on November 22. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated. 

Q: Who should I vote for? 

Is there a mentor who's significantly helped you upskill yourself? How about a mentor who helped you navigate your new career path? Or the mentor that helped you transition from one industry to another? If they have inspired or helped you become better, vote for them to express your love. 

Q: Can mentors vote for themselves?

Mentors cannot vote for themselves.

Q: Will a mentor know how many votes they've received?

Nope, mentors won't. To ensure this doesn't turn into a popularity contest, we're keeping votes hidden until the announcement!