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February 22, 2023

Meet The ADPList100: Most Impactful Mentors of 2022

Meet The ADPList100: Most Impactful Mentors of 2022

The inaugural ADPList100 2022 marks the first time we’re collectively shining a spotlight on our top contributing and most beloved mentors. Everything we’ve accomplished as a platform, every milestone this community has attained, was only made possible because of the selfless acts of generosity our mentors have displayed. We’re recognising the effort and energy put into the millions of mentorship minutes, the hundreds of thousands of members you’ve empowered, the invaluable impact you’ve driven.

While we would have loved to acknowledge every single mentor, we must aim for brevity! As it is, we have already exceeded 100. From pioneers, leaders, and designers to product managers, developers, and marketers, here are the most impactful mentors of 2022.

A special shout out from us to you, for giving so much of yourself to others.

1. Aarianna Barnes
2. Joe Cahill
3. Susan Wolfe
Full list below

Judging by your upvotes, mentees really love you! You must be doing something right.

1. Andrea Monsalve
2. Zulqarnain Ansari
3. Elvis Obi
Full list below

For going the extra mile with your time, effort and energy. You top the list for both mentorship minutes and upvotes!

For all your behind-the-scenes efforts and unseen contributions – we see you.

  1. Arpita Dhir
  2. Erica Ellis
  3. Federico Francioni
  4. Harrison Wheeler
  5. Jessica Ko
  6. Jessica Phan
  7. Jonathan Howell
  8. Milton Jackson
  9. Natalie Kuhn


In alphabetical order

  1. Aadil Khan
  2. Aarianna Barnes
  3. Adam Garner
  4. Alyona Volkova
  5. Alyssa Eidam
  6. Amit Shetty
  7. Ann Wu
  8. Anna Vasyukova
  9. Anukriti Verma
  10. Bob Ricca
  11. Brian Huang
  12. Chris Pawlowski
  13. Daniel Lee
  14. David Luong
  15. Diana Laster
  16. Diana Reed
  17. Divesh Borse
  18. Elaine Torres
  19. Eli Ferrer
  20. Emi Lantz
  21. Ethel Z.
  22. Greg Hill
  23. Harshad K.
  24. Hemanshu Narsana
  25. Jasmine Roberts
  26. Jatin Bajaj
  27. Jered Odegard
  28. Jess Huang
  29. Jessica Green
  30. Jiaorui Jiang
  31. Joe Cahill
  32. John Rodrigues
  33. Kaushik Datta
  34. Kevin Hoang
  35. Larry Pelty
  36. Laura Mattis
  37. Le Minh Ha
  38. Leandro Incetta
  39. Manish Saraf
  40. Matthew Walker
  41. Mike Heitzke
  42. Mincho Kavaldzhiev,PhD
  43. Neeru Nagarajan
  44. Nejat Seçkin Oral
  45. Nihal Pimpale
  46. Noel Cheung
  47. Nupur Sharma
  48. Olamide Alowooja
  49. Piyush Kumar
  50. Pratikesh Pundkar
  51. Ram Shetty
  52. Ron Park
  53. Ryan Tan
  54. Sam Hancock
  55. Sangli Li
  56. Sarvistha
  57. Sayanee Halder
  58. Shawn Borsky
  59. Shivam Gupta
  60. Sumeet Kundhiya
  61. Susan Wolfe
  62. Travis Grawey
  63. Trey Banks
  64. Velmurugan Paneerselvam


In alphabetical order

  1. Abdullah Noman
  2. Adrian Irvananto
  3. Andrea Monsalve
  4. Anirudh Palaskar
  5. Atiqur Rahaman
  6. Ava Allen
  7. Azizuddin Ahmed Afaq
  8. Benita Theda
  9. Bruno Borella
  10. Bryant Castro
  11. Cami Travis-Groves
  12. Chethan KVS
  13. Davio White
  14. Desty Lilian Rosana Putry
  15. Elvis Obi
  16. Ermi Isais
  17. Farkhod S.
  18. Fortune Nabhel Harmony
  19. Franco Falaschi
  20. Gurun Nevada Dharan
  21. Irfan Maulana
  22. Joe Cahill
  23. Lovish Bandwal
  24. Maitreyee Kalaskar
  25. Muhammed Mustapha
  26. Mukesh Gupta
  27. Olha Bahaieva
  28. Peter Ayeni
  29. Risat Rajin
  30. Sandeep Baskaran
  31. Sarah Wittman
  32. Shivam Gupta
  33. Sin Leung
  34. Stephen Gates
  35. Takahiro Kawaguchi
  36. Tim Colica
  37. Uruj Kohari
  38. Zulqarnain Ansari

By the numbers

Mentorship minutes: 4,000,000 ++
Mentorship sessions: 70,000 ++

ADPList is committed to diversity, inclusion, accessibility and representation. More than 40% of our mentors are women, 1% are non-binary, and 30% are BIPOC.

This year’s ADPList100 honorees bring a lot to the table. We all recognize that the world is facing great uncertainty now, which makes the work fellow mentors are doing all the more valuable. From innovative ways of mentoring the world and sharing knowledge, to organizing community events —their spirit of giving and forward-thinking vision shows leadership and optimism. They are redefining the future of mentorship and careers in tech.

Thank you so much for all you have done and all you will do throughout your journey at ADPList to democratize mentorship for all.

Once again, congratulations on making this list.

Felix Lee
Co-Founder, CEO at ADPList
Honorees were selected through both mentorship contributions and community upvotes. Top Contributors are identified through their contributions to mentorship sessions and minutes, Most Beloved mentors received the most upvotes during the voting period.