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August 22, 2021

An announcement from Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Lee

An announcement from Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Lee

Today, ADPList announced our pre-seed funding of $1.3M led by Sequoia India’s Surge and angel investors from companies like Carousell, Airbnb, Gojek, Zendesk and the greats of internet companies. We are fortunate to be partnering with the kindest and brightest globally.

Sixteen months ago, James and I created an idea during the hike of COVID-19 pandemic that many viewed at the time as an unlikely idea to work. ADPList has always been a little different, and as we take this community to the next chapter, we feel compelled to tell you a little more about why democratizing mentorship matters for the future generations.

Equity For Everyone

We live in a world where the power of knowledge is shared in the hands of few — who can afford or who you know. A world where sharing your knowledge is only done through first connections, not far and wide. When knowledge is shared at scale, people have a chance to learn — especially those who’d never have had the opportunity. ADPList was created out of a need to bring support for each other, which then turned into a global movement.

Growing up in a humble household, I was taught the power of sharing. Today, that fundamental belief is what created ADPList.

We are a community based on equity and belonging, and we will continue to find innovative ways to provide for it. We believe that we’ve only scratched the surface and and as the world continues to change, fundamental needs for learning and sharing will not. This is what we will remain focused on:

  • Emphasizing equity and belonging
  • Prioritizing the individual mentors who deliver it
  • Investing in building our community
  • Supporting the unsupported regardless of race, language or religion

As the world continues to change, people’s fundamental need for learning and sharing will not. This is what we will remain focused on.

Responsibility To Our Community

ADPList was created in spirit for our community, by the community. We’ve always existed as a delicate balance between the mentors, the broader community, and the team. In early 2021, we established our core values to define our principles to serve our community stakeholders.

There is an emerging focus in the business world to serve stakeholders, but, there’s a false notion that in order to receive, you must take from another. However, that is not part our identity here at ADPList. When approached with creativity, we believe that we can design a win-win for all of our stakeholders. This will be achieved in the following aspects:

  • Designing for the long-term benefit of our community
  • Measuring our progress for serving each of them
  • Adjusting when we don’t get it right

This funding will be used to help make mentorship accessible globally and expand the capabilities and values of the community. Our responsibility to our stakeholders will continue to guide our operations.

These are the core ideas of ADPList:

  • Our community is based on equity and belonging
  • Our creativity allows us to imagine new possibilities for our community
  • Our responsibility is to our mentors, broader community and team

From Day One, I’ve believed in a free, open and democratic community where mentorship is accessible for all. I’ve always been clear that what we have today will remain free and open for all.

In conclusion, they all share a common thread — a fundamental belief that people are good and we’re in this together.

This is what makes ADPList, ADPList.

Thank you

A year after we started ADPList, I have often thought, how could an idea like strangers mentoring each other work? The truth is that we, ADPList the company, did not do most of this. Our mentors, and the broader ADPList community, created most of this. And they have taught me two things: people are fundamentally good, and we are 99% the same.

Thank you to our team — you have worked tirelessly day and night for the community, often at great personal sacrifice.

Thank you to our mentors and mentees — without you, we wouldn’t even exist. You’ve proven to the world that people can, in fact, inspire one another with our experiences.

Thank you to our investors — you invested in the seemingly impossible idea and believed in us throughout the journey.

And finally, I would like to personally thank you, James, for being the best business partner that I could ever ask for.

Where every session, a life changed. Every conversation, a possibility. This is the magical world of ADPList. We will probably never fully realize this vision, but we will die trying.

- Felix Lee