October 11, 2022

Best Figma Design Systems From All Over The World

Best Figma Design Systems From All Over The World

Figma is amazing! It makes it simple and frictionless to include UI kits and design systems into your workflow. You are not constrained to using only Figma's native features; rather, this platform encourages you to discover, grow, and delight in the wonder of shared design.

Every month, dozens of new Figma UI kits and design systems are published. To determine which design systems are of the highest calibre, we examined hundreds of these kits.

1. Ant Design

Source: Figma

Ant Design is a Figma UI kit that comes with everything you need, including a huge selection of components and styles and components that are specifically designed to eliminate misunderstandings between teams with a well organised library. It's also renowned as one of those kits that greatly boosts designers' productivity.


Source: Figma

With the same UI kit the Airtable team uses internally, you can create your very own app using the Airtable Apps UI Kit. On top of Airtable, you can create your own unique applications using Custom Apps and the Blocks SDK.

3. Atlassian 

Source: Atlassian

You can create your own Atlassian and Jira focused interfaces using a wide range of components and elements from the enduringly popular Atlassian design system, which is divided into two parts. The design system has a very professional appearance and is really easy to understand and use.   

4. Base Design System By Uber

Source: Base

This amazing and cost-free design system by Uber was developed to serve as a "foundation" onto which other design systems can be built. The system, which is still quite new, is renowned for its Figma component library and the React implementation.

5. Pegasus Design System


The Pegasus Design System is a tried-and-true Figma design system with more than 2,000 components, 100+ styles, and transport kit designs that is built to help design at scale. 

6. Design Encyclopedia

Source: ProductHunt

The Design Encyclopedia, known as the largest Figma design system in the world, offers hundreds of UI elements, styles, and page templates for users to explore. The kit's emphasis on charts and interaction patterns is its strongest feature.

7. Shopify Design System 

Source: Figma

For everyone working in e-commerce, company, or small enterprises, the Shopify Design system is a necessity.

The Figma Onboarding prototype file is ideal for anyone new to "Figma, or Shopify, and wants to get up-to-speed quickly" because Figma is Shopify's default tool for product design and prototyping.

8. Primer by Github

Source: Designership

Primer was built for GitHub by GitHub. The design system was eventually released to open-source in order to enable  the community to design and build their projects with Primer.

9. Layers Design System 

Source: Figma

This accessibility-first design system is a Figma UI kit and design system bursting with 350+ components, example products, and blocks.

10. Backstage


Build your own Backstage plugin with this UI kit for Figma.

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