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May 25, 2022

Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a summary of yourself and the type of projects you are involved in. An elevator pitch should be able to be delivered in a short amount of time. Say that you meet someone important in an elevator and want to introduce yourself in the quickest and best way possible, an elevator pitch would do the trick.

Our mentor Rodrigo Narciso, a Lead Strategic Designer at BCG Platinion added, an elevator pitch could take the form of a written piece, cover letter, or portfolio for you to take anywhere with you to answer the question, “What do you do for a living?”.

How to craft an elevator pitch?

Rodrigo suggested that you could:


  • Draw a diagram 
    Write down how you want to be perceived? What makes you unique? Brainstorm the most important points that you want to highlight in your elevator pitch.

  • Create a hook
    Start with something that amazes the audience. Do some background research about them that makes them more likely to listen to your pitch.

  • Keep a good connection
    Give the opportunity for them to ask more about you. Make the conversation interactive between you and the target audience.

  • Be yourself
    Embrace who you are and be authentic. Do not try to impress or exaggerate with some information that is not true.
  • Insert something different in your elevator pitch
    Catch your audience's attention. Share something that you feel good to talk about and share about.

  • Keep the conversation positive
    Drive the conversation politely and positively. Set the right energy, tone, smile, and body language.

  • Challenge yourself
    Practice delivering your pitch in under 1 minute. Think of it as “ How would you tweet a

  • Rehearse your pitch.
    Practice until you are confident with your pitch.

Other factors to think about: 

  • How should the story be told?
  • How much time does your audience have?
  • Who is your audience?

Challenges in crafting the perfect pitch

  • To keep it short and simple.
    It is easier said than done. There are times when we are so enthusiastic that it makes us want to chunk all information in a short  time. You can try and list the top 3 pointers for you to talk about in your pitch. Use a small piece of paper that could only fit 1 to 2 paragraphs. That way, you will limit yourself from adding in unnecessary content.

  • Make your pitch sound  like a natural conversation.
    Pay attention to your tone of voice. Take into consideration your body gestures and your choice of words. How would you want your audience to feel: calm, excited? Visualize the scene, set your posture, imagine how you would talk while delivering your pitch.

  • Not sure the pitch has the right tone.
    Practice your pitch in front of someone else before delivering it to the actual target audience. Record your elevator pitch using your phone or any preferred device. Reflect on the feedback you received or the tone you listened to in your recording. Make improvements accordingly.

Watch this fun video on how to deliver your pitch effectively, literally in an elevator! 

Things to avoid during an elevator pitch:

  • Poor introduction.
    Greet the person you want to share your pitch with a welcoming smile. Begin the conversation by stating your intention before starting your pitch so that the audience knows what to expect. 
  • You are the only one who does the talking.
    Invite your audience to ask you questions as well.

  • Ends your pitch poorly.
    Determine your pitch goal. What do you want to achieve from the elevator pitch? Is it to get an email to send your resume? Perhaps you want to connect them through their social media or invite them for a coffee to extend the conversation later in the future.

  • Deliver your pitch with a poor attitude.
    People will not be interested in listening to someone who is presenting themselves in a snobbish manner, sounding mechanical, and acting negatively. Sometimes when we are too nervous, we are not ourselves. We sweat more than usual, stutter a few times, and lose for words. When you know that you are beginning to feel the tension, take a deep breath a few times, calm yourselves, smile, and start again.

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