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June 8, 2023

Introducing ADPList Multi Thread Calendar: A New Level of Scheduling

Introducing ADPList Multi Thread Calendar: A New Level of Scheduling

Today, ADPList unveil Multi-Thread Calendar, a new level of scheduling that seamlessly blends the best of your scheduling and mentorship contributions, while allowing mentors to stay flexible, and connected. The ADPList Multi-Thread Calendar creates an infinite canvas for your schedules that scales beyond the boundaries of mentorship and introduces a fully integrated system where mentors can create multiple session types for all purposes — with the most intuitive interface to set up.

This groundbreaking feature introduces public/private sessions, custom session links, buffer times, custom questions and more. This unique combination of features ensure the experience of scheduling and mentorship/general coffee chats feels like magic.

For example, Arpita is a product designer at Uber and she wants to provide mentorship on LinkedIn Profile Optimisation, Portfolio Review, Design career counseling, etc. So, now Arpita would be able to create mentorship availability for all these types with the help of multi-thread mentorship. If she wants a private calendar just for her friends, she can do it too.

Let's dive in:

1. Engaging Multiple Session Types

Imagine a world where every session, every meeting, every interaction is tailored perfectly to its unique context. With ADPList Multi-Thread, that world is here. Sculpt your schedule like a maestro, curating a symphony of varied engagements that flow with grace and precision.

Every event has its own flavor, and with this feature, you can capture it all in one place.

Conduct a review session, a leadership chat, or dive into a deep one-on-one with just a few taps. Our intuitive interface translates complexity into simplicity, letting you focus on what really matters: the conversation at hand.

An example by ADPList Verified Mentor, Muj

2. Go Private Session Mode

A subtle yet mighty tool tailored to bring flexibility to your scheduling. Whether you're looking to set up exclusive sessions or broad public ones, ADPList adapts seamlessly to your needs. Crafted with precision, this feature empowers you to control the visibility of your event types, adding an extra layer of personalization to your scheduling.

You can share your private session with people who you want to give access to.

It's not just a feature—it's an experience. Embrace the rhythm of your day, your way. With Multi-Thread, the power is in your hands.

3. Breather Buffer Period

The small feature with a big impact. You have been asking for this, and now we deliver.

With Buffer Period, you're not just managing meetings, you're curating your time. This innovative feature ensures you always have the breathing room you need, creating a seamless transition between your appointments. No more back-to-back meetings, no more rush, just the perfect tempo to your day. It's not just scheduling, it's Calendly. Discover the power of effortless time management.

Your time. Your rhythm. Your rules.

4. Engaging Custom Links

A tiny revolution in scheduling efficiency. This feature is more than just an upgrade; it's a completely reimagined way to streamline your session bookings.

No more sifting through countless session types to find the one you need. With custom links, each session type gets its own unique link, allowing you to direct your attendees straight to the session they're interested in. It's effortless. It's intuitive. It's ADPList. Just like how any great product makes the complex simple, ADPList's custom links make scheduling as easy as clicking a button.

Custom links – a small change with a significant impact.

5. Personalize Meeting Prompts

With this game-changing addition, the power of preparation is at your fingertips. No longer will your meetings start from scratch. Your mentees, mentors, or network can now answer your essential questions before the first hello. This feature transforms every scheduled session into an opportunity for productivity and insight right from the outset.

Imagine the time saved, the efficiency gained, and the seamless conversation flow. Empower your connections, elevate your conversations.

Where pre-meeting insight meets post-meeting productivity.

Industry-Leading UX & Technology

A revolution in mentorship. Immaculately crafted with the user in mind, ADPList provides an industry-leading user experience that simplifies and streamlines your daily life. Our top-tier technology has been meticulously designed and refined to bring ease and efficiency to your life.

Like a timepiece, each aspect of ADPList has been crafted with precision and sophistication. Its elegant interface, intuitive design, and powerful capabilities come together seamlessly, allowing you to organize your time and tasks effortlessly.

>> Available for all mentors today. <<

Mentorship, refined.