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July 25, 2023

Introducing ADPList Longer-Term Mentorship

Introducing ADPList Longer-Term Mentorship

A new ADPList for a new world of mentorship.

People want to connect deeper than ever especially with Mentors they love and respect. To help Mentors create the most meaningful experience from mentorship, we’re introducing our biggest change since our founding year in 2021 — including a completely new way to mentor longer-term and, an all-new ADPList session templates.

Introducing Longer-Term Mentorship

Designed to help Mentors to mentor longer-term, flexibly.

More mentors are wanting to mentor longer-term than ever before with mentees they care most for. To give our Mentors even more options when planning we’ve created Longer-Term Mentorship, an innovative new feature that allow recurring sessions — now mentors can mentor people from weekly, fortnightly to monthly.

ADPList Session Templates

Browse 50+ of free and customizable templates for every type of mentorship session to get you started.

Many Mentors want to get started with Longer-Term Mentorship but are unsure of what they can best mentor on. Session Templates by ADPList is going to simplify this process for you and seamlessly support you to create empowering sessions in the community.

Benefits of Longer-Term Mentorship:

  • Reduced context switching: Recurring mentorship mean fewer mentees turnover, leading to less context switching and focused on meaningful contribution. Save mental headspace and empower the people you care about.
  • Detailed Mentor Support: We're offering comprehensive support to help you transition to longer-term sessions, from templates to video tups on optimizing your mentorship for longer-term.
  • Community Building: Long-term mentors, members are more likely to integrate into the community, bringing a positive vibe and fostering stronger bonds within the ADPList ecosystem.

This is an exciting time for us all as we adapt to the changing needs of mentorship worldwide. ADPList Longer-Term Mentorship is about providing a space for exchange, no matter how temporary, and continuing to foster connections and sharing that our community treasures. We look forward to welcoming you to this new phase of mentoring on ADPList.

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