November 24, 2021

Must-have Chrome extensions for designers

Must-have Chrome extensions for designers

Over the years designing, I have at one point or the other needed and thought of a chrome extension that would help speed-up my workflow. In this article, I’ll be sharing with us the top 7 chrome extensions I constantly use that helps speed-up my workflow.

Go Full Page

Very frequently, I am always on the web surfing and looking out for wonderful pages with great alignments, colour compositions, wonderful typography and great storytelling. Go Full Page is a career saving extension 😃 that makes it possible to screen-grab entire web pages to add to your moodboards.

Used GoFullPage to capture an article

ColorPick EyeDropper

Ever been on a site and the colours are so pleasing you want to lick your screen? Well, with colorpick eyedropper, you can inspect and get that colour to implement on your next fun project or to add to your palette.

Chaka stocks


What font is another chrome extension I use a whole lot. As someone who is fascinated by Type, I find myself constantly on the lookout for the best type combination and use cases and Whatfont makes it very possible for me to quickly inspect fonts used on web pages.

UX Portfolio of Kingsley

CSS Peeper

Ever been on a site and you want to get some icons, svg, colours, font styles, see spacings sizes of elements among other things? CSS Peeper is the perfect extension that makes all these possible. You can easily export images, see styles, colours used in your favourite web pages.

CSS Peeper used on stripe website


I use spectrum a whole lot when I am testing a web page against different colour vision deficiency (CVD). This helps in creating better web pages with accessibility in mind for people with different types of colour vision deficiency.


My current new tabs page on chrome is integrated with Muzli. As a designer, I want to constantly see amazing works and projects that designers around the world are currently doing, to keep me in the loop with trends, and also help with setting moodboards. Muzli is a really wonderful extension every designer need to add to their list of chrome extensions

Window Resizer

Window resizer is one of the must-haves chrome extension for designers. I use window resizer frequently, when I am testing out implementations of designs against various screen sizes. I also enjoy using the customizable resize dimensions to test out even more resolution sizes, and to provide better feedback to developers, design better elements that caters for more screen sizes.

These are some of the extensions I make use of on a day-to-day basis to help accelerate my workflow, I do hope you enjoy using these extensions.