March 18, 2022

Top 11 UI/UX Bootcamp Courses in 2022

Top 11 UI/UX Bootcamp Courses in 2022

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two of the highest current job demands in the world.  According to, there are about 8,000 to 24,000 job openings worldwide today for this category.

Briefly, UI is responsible for the engagement of your product on your website, and on the other hand, UX is responsible for beautifying the layout of your website. A quick example. Say you and your hungry belly are browsing a grocery website and see a beautiful set of vibrant green vegetables that is UX, and you click on the image of the vegetable, which then leads you to a variety of vegetable options that you can scroll up and down that is UI. 

It is not a surprise that UI and UX jobs are highly recommendable for organizations to hire during this pandemic, as these skills are heavily needed to attract consumers and to increase sales online. Creating a better convenience of products’ awareness through your digital mediums.

It is not too late for you to learn these skills to be a UI or UX designer. You can visit these 10 Bootcamp courses sites to learn more and get started.

Become a UX designer at Springboard

Springboard UX Design Bootcamp Course


  • Unlimited 1:1 mentor support
  • Hands-on experience
  • Career support & job guarantee

Explore the UI, UX online course at DesignLab

DesignLab UI, UX Online Design Bootcamp Courses


  • 4 to 8 weeks beginner courses
  • Advanced, in-depth courses are available
  • Build professional portfolios as a UI/UX designer

Become more hirable and land a UX job at Beginex

Beginex UX Design Bootcamp Course


  • Involve in real and meaningful UX projects
  • Regular live interactions with peers and mentors
  • Mock interview workshops

Transform your career with Career Foundry

Career Foundry UI/UX Design Bootcamp Course


  • Become a UX/UI designer under 10 months
  • Land a job with help of career specialists
  • Received tailored coaching from Career Services team

Learn design thinking at Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation UX Design Bootcamp Courses


  • Industry-recognized certificates
  • 33 beginner to advanced courses
  • Designed for busy people

Reinvent your future at Flatiron School

Flatiron School UX/UI Product Design Bootcamp Courses


  • Full-time and flexible courses are available
  • 5-phase curriculum with group projects, real client work and portfolio preparation.
  • Dedicated career coach

Build in-demand professions with Thinkful

Thinkful UX/UI Design Bootcamp Course


  • 5 to 6 months online courses
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Long-term outcomes reporting

Go beyond technical fluency with General Assembly

General Assembly UX Design Bootcamp Course


  • Full-time online UX bootcamp
  • Connections to top employers
  • Elite Instructors

Switch to an exciting design career with Ironhack

Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp Courses


  • Become a UX UI Designer in just 9 weeks full time or 24 weeks parIt time
  • Optimize the workflow of your collaborative projects.
  • Build confidence with developers

Get your UX design certificate with a Treehouse Techdegree

Treehouse UX Design Course


  • 3 to 8 months course
  • Multiple hands-on activities
  • In-depth Code Reviews

Kickstart your UX/UI Design career with Mento.

UX/UI Bootcamp at Mento


  • The duration of this course ranges between 5-8 months depending on your pace.
  • Optimal curriculum by a top team of designers
  • Personalised mentorship & support in landing a job
Why UI/UX design Bootcamp courses?

Why Join A UI/UX Bootcamp?

  • Latest practices and design methods -We all know when it comes to technology and design, the methods, types, skills, and knowledge are rapidly changing. That is why it is never too late to take UI or UX courses as the coaches or mentors will teach you the latest practices and design methods so that you are well-prepared when entering the industry.
  • Enhance your communication and collaboration skills- Bootcamp courses will also enhance your communication and collaboration skills that will help your career workflow and achieve the results you want. Talk the same language, and (let's pray that) everybody will be on the same page. 
  • Flexible timetable-Most Bootcamp courses provide a flexible timetable according to your preference. Whether you are a student or someone who has a professional career, the Bootcamp course allows you to study and work in any industry while enrolling in the UI and UX designer programs. 
  • Job placement services- There are career consultation services and job placement services available that you could consult whenever in need during the UI and UX designer Bootcamp courses. This is to ensure that you are on the right career track and assist you in finding a job that suits your current skills.

Finding the Right Bootcamp

Finding the Right Bootcamp

  • Choose a program that suits your schedule-Here is something valuable to take note of. While there are many Bootcamp courses available; whether it is the top 10 UI or UX Bootcamp courses or the best 5 UI and UX Bootcamp courses for you to enroll in 2021, choose a program that suits your schedule, and your needs. The best design Bootcamp is the one that ticks (almost) all the skills and knowledge that you want to learn as a UI or a UX designer. Do not follow the trend, follow what makes sense. 
  • Program research might sound and look like a draggy thing to do. You need, need, need, and need to set some time for this, or else you will be dragging yourself during the entire course. Yeap, this blog told you so. This is to ensure an adaptable transition from one syllabus to one syllabus. 
  • Enrolling in short courses before signing up - Familiarize yourself with the UI or UX designers industry or instil the UI or UX designer 'vibes’ in you by enrolling in short courses before signing up for the UI or UI Bootcamp courses. It is easy to absorb and recall information when you have learned the basic skills from the short courses.

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Watch Is a UX Design Bootcamp worth it in 2021? by our mentor Janus Tiu's, a User Experience Designer at Critical Mass in Canada.

All the best future UI and UX design experts!