September 22, 2022

Top 11 Design Portfolio Examples For Inspiration

Top 11 Design Portfolio Examples For Inspiration

Having a professionally designed & well-curated portfolio is a must for every designer. It’s the most important factor that helps showcase your craft & prove your skills as a designer to clients and potential employers and help them decide whether to hire you or not. An effective design portfolio can land you just the opportunity you may be looking for. However, failing to put your best foot forward via your design portfolio can lead to rejects. 

Not just this, great design portfolios can inform viewers of your work and spark inspiration in those who are looking for it. 

To help get you started, we have gathered up the top 11 design portfolios out there on the internet (you're welcome 💅).

1.  Mariano Pascual

The unique gamified design approach of this portfolio probably makes it one of the best design portfolios out there on the internet. By choosing your own colours, experimenting with the windows, altering brightness, and using filters, you can even personalize your web browsing experience.

Hovering over the animated icons on the website tends to generate sounds, undoubtedly a unique experience.

2. Yul Moreau

With its brilliantly gaudy background montage of vintage videos, Yul Moreau's portfolio website immediately attracts one's attention. With the help of video, photos, deft scroll effects, and thorough text explanations, this one-pager does an excellent job of showing the art director's work.

3. Mauro Lorenzo

Source: CakeResume

The portfolio Mauro Lorenzo created is simple, vibrant, and streamlined. The vivid color scheme and striking contrasts in this portfolio give it a tonne of personality. The site's features like parallax scrolling, uniform work examples, and user-friendly navigation are what we liked the most. 

4. Kate Moross

Source: GoDaddy

On this website, Moross efficiently utilized space. It's simple to recognise the designer's distinctive style right away. Users can focus their search to find a certain kind of work, such as editorial design or hand-drawn type, with the help of straightforward navigation.

5. RoAndCo

Source: UX Planet 

The portfolio upholds the values of the business by showing previous work in a glossy format. Visitors can take in their work via browsing split-screen photos, viewing an animated presentation, or watching a full video.

6. Ben Mingo

Source: Awwwards

Ben takes an unusual approach to website user experience by replacing mouse wheel scrolling with a more interactive approach. Instead of using the mouse wheel, the users have to click and drag with their mouse to explore the website. 

This is actually a brilliant approach that improves the user experience on mobile devices. In addition, the entire website is also filled with cool animations and transition effects as well.

7. Studio Feixen

Source: Studio Feixen 

With a mix-and-match style portfolio that shuns the "less-is-more" philosophy, Studio Feixen expertly displays its brightwork. The examples on the portfolio page are framed in a variety of different-sized forms, but the website still looks professional.

8. Heather Shaw

Source: Pinterest 

Designers that work in a variety of mediums but wish to show a unified portfolio can find inspiration from this graphic design portfolio. The portfolio is quite simple to navigate and navigate. It demonstrates a variety of abilities and methods for resolving client issues, but it also maintains visual coherence.

The designer also employs text well to describe each project and to promote continued involvement with the work.

9. Merijn Hoss

Source: CakeResume

Hoss adopts a minimalist strategy, but his design portfolio is nevertheless quite powerful. Hoss creates exquisitely intricate psychedelic works of art, but his profile doesn't do a great job of showcasing them. It's one of the more conventional methods we've mentioned on this list of design portfolios, and it's not quite as glamorous as some of the earlier examples, but it works effectively since the colorful thumbnails stand out against the white background of the gallery, highlighting the artist's work. 

10. Xavier Cussó

Source: Awwwards

His portfolio features a vibrant color scheme, strong typography, and lots of animation. The aesthetic emphasis of the portfolio makes it stand out through color and contrast.

11. Lotta Nieminen

This is an illustration of structured yet imaginative thinking. The strong portfolio items are arranged in two columns of two vertical portfolio items on top of a tidy background. Below that is a horizontal image. Lotta decided to present her sketches in a grid for the Illustration panel. This portfolio idea's appeal is due to how straightforward it is.

Design Portfolio Essentials Checklist

You need to decide what you want to include before you put your labor of love into a stylish package that displays your artistic talent. To create the ultimate portfolio, follow these steps:

  • Organize your finest work.
  • Put a case study in there.
  • Select the appropriate website for your online design portfolio.
  • Display your individuality

So, there you have it: The best Design Portfolios. You can find your style and change it over time, so don’t get hung up on just the above-mentioned.

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