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August 23, 2022

Top 20 Facebook (Meta) Product Design Interview Questions

Top 20 Facebook (Meta) Product Design Interview Questions

Facebook is unquestionably one of the most well known social media platforms with a staggering 2.8 billion audience.  But, landing a job at Facebook is no cakewalk. Product designer interviews at Facebook (Meta) can get daunting and difficult to crack. The questions are challenging, particular to Facebook, and touch on a variety of subjects. But if you plan and prepare carefully, you'll be more than prepared to handle them.

Based on insights from industry experts at ADPList and data from Glassdoor, we've built a list of some of the most frequently asked Facebook Product Designer interview questions, below. You can use these excellent examples of interview questions to start your preparation.

Types of Interviews at Facebook (Meta)

Before jumping directly on the questions, let's start by digging into the four sorts of interviews you should be ready for when applying for the position of Facebook product designer. Please take note that both your first round and on-site interviews will consist of one of these four interview formats. 

  • Problem solving 
  • App critique
  • Behavioural
  • Past work

Facebook Product Designer Interview Questions - Problem Solving and App Critique

Q- What is your favorite Facebook Product and why?

Q- How would you improve Facebook events?

Q- Design a product for Meta to fight COVID-19

Q- Design Facebook Email

Q- Facebook wants to enter the podcast space. What will you design?

Q- Design a fitness app for Facebook 

Q- Tell me your recent bad experience with a product

Q- Looking at this mobile app, what do you think these buttons do?

Q- If you have all the power in the company, what would you change about Meta?

Q- The bookmarking icon is the same as the collections icon. Why do you think they made them the same icon?

Q- Why do you think this feature was added?

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Facebook Product Designer Interview Questions - Behavioral & Past Work

Q- Tell me about your background in design and some recent projects you've worked on

Q- What made you get into design?

Q- What problem did you solve with this project?

Q- What metrics signaled you to work on this problem?

Q- If you could work on your project again, what would you do differently?

Q- What guided your assumptions and hypothesis?

Q- What was the biggest failure of this project?

Q- Why Facebook?

Q- Why do you want to be a product designer rather than a UX researcher?

Q- What is the area where you have the most to learn?

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Tips To Nail Facebook Product Design Interview 

Now that you have an idea of how Facebook Product Design Interview questions look like, let's have a look at some tips and tricks to increase your chances of landing the role. To help you get an offer as a Facebook product designer, we asked our mentors at ADPList to provide a few preparation tips: 

Learn About Facebook's Culture

It's important to be sure whether Facebook is the right fit for you before spending a lot of time preparing for an interview there. Talking to someone who currently works at Facebook—or once did—will help you better understand the company's culture. Additionally, we advise reading about hacker culture and Facebook's 5 key ideals.

Practice By Yourself

Practising on your own is a great approach to get ready for all of these different types of interviews. We advise using a stopwatch and practising aloud to make the most of this practice. Play the part of both the applicant and the interviewer. It may seem odd, but we assure you that it will greatly enhance your time management, communication, and attention.

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Some Questions To Ask The Interviewers

You will have the opportunity to ask the interviewer any final questions at the end of your Facebook interview. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss responsibilities that were not covered in the initial job description. Additionally, it shows that you are a candidate who is engaged and genuinely interested.

Q- What does a typical working day at Facebook look like?

Q- How is performance measured for this role?

Q- Is there anything that amazed you when you started working here?

Q- Are there opportunities for growth in this role?

If you’re looking for guidance and expert advice on your interview preparation for a FAANG or any company, book a session with our mentors and get on a one on one session to prepare better for free. Type in ‘Design’ in our search bar to choose from a variety of global mentors. They are happy and ready to assist you!