April 8, 2022

What does a digital marketer do?

 What does a digital marketer do?

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing is a booming industry and a go-to strategy for promoting products, spreading awareness, and converting to sales. It helps startups to introduce themselves in the market, reach out to their target audience and potential users, and maintain relationships with the users. Besides these, what does a digital marketer do? 🤔 Well, their talents are not limited to getting post engagements on social media. In this blog, you will learn about the main tasks of a digital marketer, the core skills they should possess, 10 effective digital marketing skills, and the other side of digital marketer may not know.

The main tasks as a digital marketer

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  • Social Media Marketing
    Whether it is an organic or a paid post, a digital marketer holds the responsibility to market products or services on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. A digital marketer must study the social media platforms and type of users beforehand and market the products in the top platform(s) where audiences are more likely to be ‘hanging out’.

    So that, the target audience will receive the information that you want to market, and the content about the product or service reaches the potential users as well.

  • Email Marketing
    There are different types of email marketing one of the frequent email marketing strategies is the newsletter. A newsletter keeps users updated with the current company’s activities, promotions, and as a tool to actively reach out to the users.

    Email marketing could ensure that all users get the information on the product or service even if they miss the product posts on social media platforms.

  • Public relations
    Managing the relationships between external stakeholders, potential partners or clients, and the relationship with the public. One of the effective ways to make people believe in a product or service is via the support of external stakeholders.

    With their assistance in promoting the product or service, it will double the awareness of what the digital user wants to market to a larger group of people. It makes people believe in the product or service because some trusted brand or press have highlighted the product or some well-known people are promoting the product on their social media platforms. In a way, it triggers a sense of wanting to know more about the product and converting them into users of the product.

  • PPC ads
    Pay-per-click is an advertising model to drive traffic to a website. Advertisers will pay the publisher (the search engine network for example) for every click that the ads get. When you are browsing a particular website and see an Ad that caught your attention, that is a Pay-per-click advertisement.

    Through PPC Ads, digital marketers could test the best form of ads that the target users tend to click more versus the type of posts that receive poor engagement.

  • Analytics & reporting
    The best time to know whether what was marketed works or otherwise is by viewing the analytics and reports. Expect the unexpected. It is uncommon for the best craft marketing content to perform poorly, compared to the average form of marketing content.

    At times, the engagement towards the product's content is depending on users' behaviors, needs, wants, and what's viral at the time. Keeping a close eye on the latest trends of high engagement marketing styles could help you to create a good post.

The core skills a digital marketer

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  • Marketing skills
    Having a marketing or business mindset and actively finding ways to market products or services in various ways.

  • Creativity & Storytelling skills
    People love good products or services that could support their lifestyles. As a digital marketer, being able to change the perception about the products or services as something that users need in their life, is an A+!

  • Technical knowledge
    There are many types of technology mediums that digital marketers could experiment on to market their products. Having some technical knowledge could help to speed the workflow in reaching out to the audience.

  • Analytical skills
    Study the graphs, acquisitions numbers, and feedback. What could be improved from here, what did we learn?

  • Critical thinking
    Planning different marketing strategies requires critical thinking skills to hit the right target.

  • Problem-solving & Decision-making
    Fast actions to solve problems and make decisions.

  • Patience
    Results do not occur overnight.

The 10 effective digital marketing tips

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  • Keep experimenting
    Digital marketing strategy expertise is a big field to explore. Keep experimenting on what works best for your company and your audience.

  • Study target audience behavior
    The success of what you have marketed depends on the users’ reactions and engagement. Study who they are, what they like, what they need, etc.

  • Learn from mistakes
    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes let you know what will not work for your audience. Move on to the next plan!

  • Active in networking
    Establish external and internal relationships to spread awareness of what you are currently marketing. Networking helps to speed the awareness and build relationships for your business.

  • Consistency in postings
    Consistency is the key to maintaining engagement with your audience and potential users. The more frequently you market your product or service the higher chance for people to remember your product or service.

  • What’s in trend
    Actively be on the lookout for the latest marketing trend.

  • Take risks
    Sometimes you can’t find the answer until you try and taking a risk could be the only option to find out.

  • Ensure content brings value
    The content that only favors the benefit for your company might put off the audience's interest to know more about the product. Marketing is not just about making money, to build a loyal customer base your content must have value on your users.

  • Remarketing
    Also known as retargeting. Plan a different marketing strategy to get a better engagement from the same audience.

  • Find a mentor
    A mentor could help you in advising on the best way to market your product. Free sessions are available.

The other sides of  digital marketers that people may not know

  • One size does not fit all
    One digital marketing plan may not suit all mediums and social media platforms. Different social mediums may need different types of marketing approaches.

  • Have basic design skills
    Well, sometimes you have to wear the graphic designer hat. Some of the reasons are to provide creative direction, and when time is not in your favor or you need a quick amendment, you just need to do it yourself.

  • Prioritize value
    Digital marketers care about the value of products and services too. When there is no value provided, the digital marketing strategy is more likely to fail.

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