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September 9, 2021

Impact, by design — Introducing a New Mentor Dashboard

Impact, by design — Introducing a New Mentor Dashboard

Inspired by your conversations, relationships and passion shared in the community — we're making mentorship meaningful and empowering for mentors.

A New Way to Mentor

Today, we're introducing a new and engaging dashboard where mentors can empower even more people around the world.

With our recent funding, we are committed to expanding mentorship accessibility to a larger scale. We are leading the way by improving experiences for mentors with the ability to share knowledge and ideas openly.

"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed."— William Gibson


3 weeks ago, I took my curiosity to Twitter — to ask how can we reward mentors.

We wanted a community-first approach for the mentors that encompassed relationship and impact. So rather than introducing any new features we embarked upon building a new experience that’s intentionally simple with impact as focus.

Our design principles

  1. Community First — We exist to serve our community. That means caring deeply about their conversations and relationships.
  2. Mentor Led — Our mentors make the most meaningful impact. We strive to empower, reward and work with them.
  3. Access — We ensure all our community members gets what they need. We will always stand for true equity.
  4. Universal — It's important for us to be empathetic as an open community. That's why we strive for our platform to be simple, inclusive and empowering.

ADPList mentors bring that future to the community and we want to empower impact one mentorship session at a time.

Impact at a glance

ADPList Impact at a Glance - Mentor Dashboard

Your impact at a glance, which we started rolling out last week, makes it easy for mentors to see and measure their impact in numbers. Rather than calculating yourself, we've seamlessly integrated this with ADPList Calendar and Video to show your impact.

Since releasing it, we've already seen amazing feedbacks of the new features.

Impact insights works across Bookings, Video and Group Sessions to begin with.

Your Mentee Directory

Mentee Directory - ADPList Mentor Dashboard

We're introducing, My Mentees. Connected directly to your bookings, and reviews — My Mentees is your personal mentee directory that allow you to stay in touch with your mentees; keeping a close relationship. Checking-in is just a click away.

In fact, all bookings made on ADPList will show when you've last met and the number of times you have met.

More Dashboard Highlights ✨

  • All New Navigation: A new centralized dashboard puts focus on simplicity and a world-class experience. The new navigation allows you to get to where you want — in just 1 click anywhere.
  • Notes improvement: We combined Send Notes and Notes History in one single page, making it even easier for you to track and send.
  • Group Session Improvements: Now open for all 🎉 ! You'll also be gently notified when you have people on your waitlist, send past invites, and more.
  • Bookings/Calendar: New advanced settings for Calendar on Weekly limit, Notice period prior booking, and Instant Booking — set it up easily here.

Finally, the core of our platform isn’t changing, we’re just changing how we show up.

We feel this work is the truest form and reflection of who we are as a community and our continued mission to democratize mentorship for all. We are being ADPList.

ADPList is about sharing conversations and helping each other achieve their learning goals.

Head to Dashboard to get started.

I can't wait to see the conversations unfold globally!

— Felix