September 22, 2022

Top 11 Figma Plugins Every Designer Must Have

Top 11 Figma Plugins Every Designer Must Have

Ever since its launch, Figma has turned the world of designers upside down with its revolutionary features and sleek UI. 

Designers, developers, agencies, and business owners are all betting big on it. And with good reason; the software is stunning and free to everyone. It provides capabilities that enable teams at every stage of the design process and is perhaps the most popular interface design tool in the market right now. 

Plugins can significantly improve your Figma designs because they personalize them while still keeping them useful. Dive in to know the top 11 plugins for Figma that you shouldn't miss to make every design a masterpiece: 

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1. Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Unsplash is the most popular Figma Plugin for a reason.

Unsplash is the biggest hub of free stock images. It enables you to select good quality, attribution-free pictures posted by the general public. Depending on your brand's requirements, you can search for both general and specialized image types.

2. Autoflow

Source: Autoflow

Autoflow offers an easy and quick way to flow connection arrows between frames. What is the best thing about this Figma illustration plugin?

If you move frames, the arrows automatically get upgraded to sustain the connection. You never need to move or edit any arrows manually.  By simply drawing shapes and connecting them, you can quickly establish user flow

3. Iconify

Source: Github

This plugin provides nearly 40,000 icons that you can directly import to your Figma Project. From Material Design Icons, Jam Icons to Twitter Emoji, you’ll find more than 50 icon sets to choose from.

4. Figmotion

Source: Design Xstream

Figmotion is a Figma plugin that allows you to animate your designs directly in Figma. With Figmotion, you can create animations using keyframes, tweens, and triggers. Figmotion also makes it easy to share your animations with others by exporting them as GIFs or video files.

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5. Blush

Source: Blush

Blush is the best-animated content creation tool that has a huge library, rich in exclusive-designed illustrations. Blush is a Figma plugin that allows you to create blushing animations for your characters. This customized illustration is ready to use in your design as an SVG or PNG.    

6. Remove BG

With the help of the plugin and the tool's API, you can quickly and easily remove the background from any image.

It operates by identifying the primary object in an image and removing the remainder using artificial intelligence. You just need to copy the item and paste it into your design; that's it. There is no excuse not to check out this tool because it will save you a lot of time.

7. Wireframe

Source: Figma

With the various pre-designed templates available on the Wireframe plugin, you can speed up the brainstorming phase and begin working on advanced features straight away. This plugin works for text or image layers by allowing editable Figma layers in any Figma project. This Figma prototype plugin offers an easy referral system that makes your entire task very easy.

8. LottieFiles

Source: Lottiefiles

Adding animations is simple using LottieFiles. It provides access to thousands of community-created animations that are both free and paid, so you're sure to discover something that works for your design. Additionally, using a simple drag-and-drop interface, this plugin provides you with all the tools you need to make and customize your own animations.

9. Content Reel

Source: Figma

You can basically find whatever you need on Content Reel, including photos, text strings, symbols, and avatars. I frequently use this plugin, which was made by Microsoft. It is one of the most significant and time-saving plugins.

10. Design Lint

Source: Figma

A quick and simple way to make sure that your design is prepared for development is to use Design Lint. By examining colors, effects fill, strokes, border radius, and other attributes, this plugin will automatically scan through your files and find any missing styles. A full list of all errors or the frequency of each error can be shown. This is a must-have because it is free of charge.


Source: Figma

The SPELLL plugin is used in Figma & FigJam as a spell-checker. It automatically checks documents for any spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Abso;utely, a very handy tool to save designers from all the mess.

So, there you have it: The best Figma plugins. You can find your style and change it over time, so don’t get hung up on just a few. Need more advice on design? Type in ‘Design’ in our search bar to choose from a variety of global mentors. They are happy and ready to assist you!