October 3, 2022

Top 7 Ways To Integrate Video Content Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Top 7 Ways To Integrate Video Content Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

A recent marketing survey discovered that attaching video content to an email increased the CTR by 200-300%. Using "video" in the subject line was also shown to grow open rates by as much as 19%.

Quite possibly, the more interesting statistic is that by including videos in emails, unsubscribe numbers were reduced by 26%, and 54% reported that they preferred emails with video content These aren’t just numbers. These numbers tell a story. They give marketers and business owners a peek behind the curtain of the consumer’s mind and behavior. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone that video content is successful. With TikTok and Instagram Reels taking over mobile device use, it became more and more obvious that video was the future of marketing efforts worldwide.

Here are the top 7 innovative ways to integrate video into your email marketing. 

#1 The Psychology Connection

Before you start putting in links to videos, you must connect with the readers why. In the email, share that you’ve created a killer video resource that’s highly connected with their obstacles, goals, dreams, or challenges. 

Expound on what they will get out of watching it. Not just the topic but what they will gain from learning this new or relevant information. Share how it will make a difference to your audience. 

Like any call to action, use the basic principles of psychology to elicit the desired action. Appeal to emotional triggers such as salience, scarcity, fear of missing out (FOMO), and future framing in your messaging. 

#2 Start With An Smart Email Manager

When you have a good customer relationship management software or email marketing platform, the process of adding video is quick and easy. Most will allow you to paste a direct link to your hosted video from Vimeo, Vidyard, YouTube, Facebook, or Wistia in the body of your email using a pre-coded box or frame. 

Some of my favorite email platforms:

  • HubSpot
  • Active Campaign
  • ConstantContact 
  • GoHighLevel

If you’re not using email software, the following are several methods you can use to include video in your email marketing

Source: Canva 

#3 The Easy Way - Link To The Video

If you’re eager to try this strategy out and you have video content at the ready (like on YouTube or your website), you can make this happen today with a quick email blast. 

Choose a section of text and hyperlink it to the video. Do this more than once but no more than three times in a single email. This can easily be done by any email provider. Be sure to use the word “video” in the subject line and/or the preview text. 

#4 The Better Way - Link An Image To The Video

The hyperlink text method is simple but not as visually appealing as an image. Take a screen grab of the video to show what they can expect and link this to the full version of the video content. 

You can also create a custom graphic that has text, colors, and photos using simple software like Canva. Paste or upload this image into your email and embed the link to the video using the same hyperlink function. 

#5 The Even Better Way - Create A Gif That Links To The Video

Using GIFs is an easy and relatable way to communicate that resonates well with most consumers. Before you get apprehensive about the tech involved, rest assured. They’re simpler to make yourself than you may think. 

Online tools like Imgflip and EZ Gif are free and easy to use. Here, you can create your own GIF and edit thumbnails from your videos. You can choose the exact frame you want your GIF to highlight (choose wisely), and the software will generate and download your GIF. 

Now, the file is easily pasted, or you can drag and drop it into your email draft. Use that to link to the full version of your video content. This is a great way to visually captivate their attention right away and inspire them to take action.

Source: Canva

#6 The Best Way - Animated Play Button Overlay and Link To The Video

This technique is a little tech-savvy than the previous methods, but the payoff is substantial. 

Take a screengrab of your video and upload the image to Canva. You can choose any project size, but the YouTube thumbnail is an excellent option to start with. To the left of the Canva workspace is the menu. From there, click “more.” Giphy and Canva are already connected, so this part is easy! 

Search for the word “play” and review your results. If you’re looking for GIFs with the background removed, search instead for “play sticker” to get animated options that are uncluttered.

Download the finished product as a video file and upload it to EZ Gif or Imgflip. Generate your custom GIF and copy the image address. Use the “insert an image with URL” function and paste.  

The last step is to link the new GIF to the full version of the video, and you're ready to hit send. 

#7 Video Email Newsletter Ideas

Now you know HOW to put a video in your emails, but what are you going to say? It’s best if you can weave these videos into your greater content strategy but if you’re just starting out, simply create what you know your target audience wants to see. 

Share inspiration and value-driven content that serves a practical purpose. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

How-To Videos: Remove the guesswork for your target audience. Share step-by-step routes to success. 

Strategic Plans: Is getting started the hard part? Map out recommended steps and share them with your market. 

FAQ Compilations: What do you get asked over and over? Answer it once and share it as many times as needed. 

Case Studies or Client Testimonial Videos: What’s working for your clients? Show the proof that’s in the pudding from a happy client’s perspective. 

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels to promote your business. Make it even more powerful with video.